Have YOU embraced growing grey during lockdown?

Grey hair DON’T care! Stylists reveal the best way to embrace your natural colour and grow out your locks during lockdown – including blending in your highlights and using toning shampoo

  • Earlier this month, Andie MacDowell revealed she is becoming a ‘silver fox’ 
  • Many women have ditched hair dye and are embracing grey during pandemic 
  • Influencers including actress Georgia Zaris are leading the way by going grey 
  • Stylists told FEMAIL the best way to achieve the salt-and-pepper look 

Stylists have revealed how women hoping to embrace the silver fox look should blend out the colour with highlights and use a special toning shampoo. 

Four Weddings and a Funeral actress Andie MacDowell, 62, revealed earlier this month she is loving her new salt-and-pepper look, after eschewing her hair dying routine during quarantine. 

Meanwhile influencers like Georgia Zaris, 51, who lives in Surrey, and Alex Duvall, 33, from California, have revealed they’ve saved thousands of pounds after ditching the salons and box-dyes to embrace their natural grey.

Experts told FEMAIL that the rise of grey hair in fashion had sparked a new interest and appreciation for the natural colour, with celebrity stylist James Johnston revealing: ‘Young or mature, grey hair is still a massive trend, so to have this naturally means finally perhaps we can leave the dye and maintenance behind!

Celebrity stylist James Johnston told FEMAIL those aspiring to become a ‘silver-fox’ like Andie MacDowell could blend out regrowth with highlights or low lights 

His comments come as social media users proudly showcased their grey locks online, including Georgia Zaris, 51, who lives in Surrey, (left) and Alex Duvall, 33, from California (right) 

Leading celebrity hair stylist Tom Smith said: ‘Because natural grey hair is the coolest of all natural hair colours, it can make any skintone look warmer and richer by contrast. 

‘When you place a very cool silvery shade next to the skin, the skin-tone will always look warmer and richer, so this can really make people feel fresher and more glowy.’  

‘The lockdown has suppressed our vanity whilst we focus on being healthy rather stereotypically pleasing!

‘The pandemic has allowed ladies all age to embrace their natural beauty, and I’m here for it. Grey hair is beautiful and I want to see more of it.’

Earlier this month Four Weddings and a Funeral actress Andie revealed she is loving her new ‘silver fox’ look, after eschewing her hair dying routine during quarantine

The American actress shot to fame after starring in the hit film alongside Hugh Grant, in which she showed off dark brown curly locks 

The stylist revealed: ‘If you’re new to being grey, Blending out a solid regrowth line can be tricky when used to continuous dying.’

James advised against ditching the dye completely, explaining that often a little dye can help hair transition into its new colour. 

He said: ‘When transitioning from coloured hair to grey natural, opt for highlights to break up the old dye line and blend it in.’

Meanwhile he revealed or similarly opt for low lights could also break down the grey regrowth.

Meanwhile retired actress Georgia Zaris, 51, who lives in Surrey, has revealed she is ‘happier than ever’ after lockdown forced her to embrace grey hair after two decades of covering up (pictured left, with dyed hair, and right, her natural colour) 

Celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith agreed, saying: ‘Gradually transition away from dyed hair can involve converting your colour appointments from a full tint (which colours every strand on the head) to highlights or low lights, preserving more of your natural colour in between. 

‘You can spend a years worth of hair appointments, gradually reducing the amount of dye that you add to the hair and eventually grow out all of the block dye.

‘This can be a very soft, slow way of embracing your natural hair colour, but some people prefer to have a dramatic colour correction to make a statement with the change of look’. 

The stylists also revealed how grey hair can be easily damaged in the same way bleached blonde locks can be.

Alex Duvall, 33, (pictured) decided to embrace her gray locks – and saved herself more than $2400 a year in trips to the salon

James explained: ‘Grey hair, just like bleached hair, can attract all kinds of impurities in their air and water! 

‘Pollution alone can turn out hair yellow, without the minerals in the water that we can’t see to the naked eye.’

He advised: ‘To remove these and to avoid the grey tones turning yellow, use a pre wash mineral remover like the ColorWow DreamFilter to clean away any unwanted brassy tones which will help keep the grey tones clean, pure and silver shiny.’

Meanwhile he added: ‘This is better than a purple shampoo as it’s less drying on the hair and doesn’t leave a purple tint behind.’

After spotting her first grey hairs at the age of just 17, Alex has spent thousands in an attempt to mask her grays over the years. Left with natural gray hair and right with freshly dyed hair

Tom added: ‘To correct yellowing or dullness of grey hair, I recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo once a week to remove build up. I also recommend using products designed to lift residue from hard water such as Dream Filter by Color Wow’.


Grey hair is hair without pigment, and it could be regarded as the hairs’ ‘natural state’.

When we are young, our hair is coloured by the pigments produced by cells in the hair follicle known as melanocytes.

As we grow older, the melanocytes gradually become less active, so less pigment is produced, the colour fades, and grey hair grows instead.

The process can be accelerated by factors such as stress and genetics.

‘Another great tool to keep natural grey hair looking healthy and shiny is the use of a violet toning shampoo. 

‘It’s important not to use this too often as the hair can begin to look purplish but every now and then can really add vibrancy to the grey’.

Actress Andie discussed her salt-and-pepper hair during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, and revealed her daughters even thought she looked like a ‘bada**’. 

‘Obviously I’ve stopped coloring my hair, I don’t know what’s going to happen in five years, I might color my hair again, but I’m enjoying it right now,’ she said. 

‘And what happened was I wasn’t coloring my hair, and it was like half-colored back here, and then you could see my roots. And my daughters kept telling me I looked “bada**” and the idea that I could look bada** really appealed to me, so I went for it.

‘I’m enjoying it. I’m salt and pepper. It’s silver. It’s not grey, it’s silver. I’m enjoying it right now. And it’s not that I’m letting myself go, I don’t think of it that way.’ 

The actress recalled a trip to the grocery store, where she shared a moment with a man over their similar hair color.

‘When I first did it, I went to the grocery store because we have no place to go, and I thought I looked good. And I saw a man there, a silver fox guy… immediately just put my shoulders back and I was like, and so am I, you know… We both just shot a look to each other and I was like, “I’m a silver fox.” So that’s where I am right now.’    

Social media users have followed in her footsteps, with retired actress Georgia, revealing she is ‘happier than ever’ after lockdown forced her to embrace grey hair after two decades of covering up.

Meanwhile Alex, 33, decided to embrace her gray locks – and saved herself more than $2400 a year in trips to the salon.

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