Here’s What The Weather Will Be Like On Christmas Day In Australia

Meteorologists are predicting hot weather across Australia’s capital cities on Christmas Day.

While Christmas is usually associated with winter traditions, for those in Australia, while traditional hearty foods are still on the menu, Christmas falls in the midst of summer down under. So, what will the weather be like in the capital cities across Australia on Christmas Day? Will salads and cold cuts be in order or is it best to pull out a roast and baked ham with all the trimmings?

According to, most Australians will need to prepare for hot weather on Christmas Day. However, Sky News Weather Channel meteorologist Tom Saunders is also telling Australians to be prepared for wet weather in the lead-up to Christmas Day.

“In the lead-up to Christmas, there will be further showers and storms for eastern Australia including Sydney,” he warned.

“However, that activity will not be as widespread as during last week where we’ve had a massive amount of rain and flash flooding from Hobart all the way to Cape York.”

While the weather may be stormy ahead of Christmas Day, Tom Sanders does assure Australians that it will settle down ahead of the big day and that calmer — albeit hotter — weather is on its way.

“All of the models are predicting a ridge of high pressure for southern Australia for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day,” Sanders confirmed.

As for how hot the weather will be on Christmas Day, it is safe to say that most Australians will need plenty of ice for their eskys, or portable coolers, if they are planning to travel with food. In fact, temperatures could reach well over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in some capital cities.

South Australia is predicted to be the hottest capital city in Australia on Christmas Day. There, it is expected to reach a top of 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). Perth and Far North Queensland are also expected to be close to this sort of heat on the day.

The remnants of Cyclone Owen will likely make Northern Australia wetter than other parts of the country on Christmas Day. Although being Australia in summer, there will still be plenty of heat present.

And for those who are wondering where it will be the coolest on Christmas Day in Australia, the answer is Hobart, with temperatures only climbing towards the mid-20s.

“Over the next couple of days, Owen will go back north again (towards Cairns) but it’s not expected to develop back into a cyclone,” Sanders said.

“There’s a chance of showers but just regular wet season storms and it won’t be enough rain to cause further flooding.”

Here’s what you can expect to see, weather-wise, on Christmas Day in Australia’s capital cities.

  • Sydney: 27 degrees and sunny.
  • Canberra: 32 degrees and sunny.
  • Melbourne: 29 degrees and partly cloudy.
  • Brisbane: 29 degrees and partly cloudy.
  • South Australia: 35 degrees and sunny.
  • Perth: 34 degrees and sunny.
  • Darwin: 34 degrees and stormy.
  • Hobart: 24 degrees and partly cloudy.

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