Here's Why Jamie Lee Curtis Did Commercials for Yogurt That Makes You Poop for So Long

“It’s the reason why I sold yogurt that makes you s— for seven years.”

Jamie Lee Curtis came clean about why she spent seven years of her life making commercials for the yogurt brand that helps you keep regular, Activia.

Appearing on the new episode of The Kingcast, co-host Scott Wampler asked the 62-year-old “Halloween Kills” actress if she ever sat back and thought about the iconic characters she’s brought to life onscreen and considered “how cool” she was.

“Do you understand how f—ing cool you are? Like do you know that?” Wampler asked in awe. “Do you ever think about the movies you’ve made… you have done the coolest s— with the coolest people.”

She explained that while she was grateful for all of the projects she had been a part of, they also required her to be away from her family — and, in the end, that separation had taken a toll on her.

“By the way, just to make sure your listeners all understand, it’s the reason that I sold yogurt that makes you s— for seven years,” she then said, referring to her stint as an Activia spokesperson. “Part of the reason why I’ve done commercials … I’ve been doing commercials for a very, very, very long time partially so I can ameliorate all of that distance from my family. It allowed me to earn money and stay home.”

“I had two kids and I needed to stay home. So I make no excuses about it, but it just gives you an idea, why does somebody do that?” she continued. “They do that for money … and for me, it was an easier way to make money and it allowed me to stay home and try to be a better mom, which was my primary purpose.”

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“I know that [it’s] cool and I agree with you, it’s just not what I live for,” she said of her impressive resume. “I’m happy to have had those experiences, [but] they were all met with a lot of personal strife because I’m a mother and a wife.”

Curtis also told podcast listeners that when filming “A Fish Called Wanda,” she was forced to be apart from her then-six-month-old daughter and admitted her memories from working on that film consist of her “crying on the way to work and the way back from work because I just felt s—ty.”

“No matter what, I felt bad … there are lots of separations from my family that I’m not gonna say I regret, but really took a toll,” she added. “So it’s funny, I don’t look at those pieces of work now and all these years later [think] ‘Oh yeah, that was cool!'”

“The truth is that all of those experiences that you talked about which were cool and are cool took a toll on me because I was trying to reconcile at all of those times, ‘How do you do this?'”, she continued. “How do you be a mom, how do you be a wife, how do you have a career, how do you have to go away from home, how do you do it?”

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Adding that she “felt that pull” that many working parents feel, she’s also “grateful beyond measure” to anyone who offered her some of her most iconic roles. “But funny enough, my connection back to it was that it was hard on me,” Curtis concluded.

Curtis brought up her Activia deal when she was promoting the 2018 “Halloween” as well, saying she felt that movie and director David Gordon Green really gave her “a chance to be an actress again.”

“Because I haven’t,” she added at the time. “I sold yogurt that makes you s— for 7 years. And it’s really beautiful to be able to have done something that has some depth. It’s been amazing.”

“Halloween Kills” hits theaters and Peacock on October 15.

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