Heroic Dog Named Buster Saves Kansas Family from a Massive House Fire

A Kansas woman has her dog to thank after he heroically alerted her family of a massive fire that broke out in her home over the weekend.

Sarah Potter was peacefully sleeping on Sunday morning when she was awakened by her dog Buster jumping on her and barking, KSNW reported.

“I was napping on the couch and heard him bark,” she told the outlet. “At first, I thought it was my boyfriend coming in.”

But it wasn’t a visitor that 1-year-old Buster was barking at. Instead, he was desperately attempting to notify his family of the flames that had erupted in the kitchen that were about to engulf the rest of the house.

“I went to the back part of the house, and the whole back end of my house was just on fire,” Potter told KSNW. “My daughter’s room was next and that’s when I grabbed her.”

“There were flames all around the ceiling, walls and floor,” she added.

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The Hutchinson Fire Department arrived shortly after the family evacuated the house and successfully put out the flames. They are currently investigating how the fire started, which they were able to determine originated in the kitchen, KSNW said.

Luckily, Sarah, her daughter, and Buster all made it out of the house safely but their home and possessions — including all of the Christmas gifts Sarah recently purchased — have been destroyed from the flames.

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“I’m hurt and sad because I’ve lost everything that’s in that house from fire or smoke damage,” she told KSNW. “My daughter doesn’t even got a pair of shoes, and we got about one outfit to wear.”

“All the Christmas presents… everything we bought for the kids are gone,” she added. “They were in the basement and burned. I worked hard for those gifts.”

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Despite losing everything in the fire, Potter was thankful that both her life and her daughter’s life were spared, thanks to their heroic pup.

“I’d never knew the dog would save my life,” Potter told the outlet. “He literally saved me and my family’s life from a fire.”

On Monday, a GoFundMe was set up by one of Potter’s friends to help the family with expenses following the fire. Those interested in donating to their fund can do so here.

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