Holby City review with spoilers: Zav vows to discover the truth about Cameron

Mild-mannered Dr Cameron Dunn is rapidly turning into Holby City’s very own Prince of Evil as he lies and manipulates his way out of trouble time and time again. The interesting thing about him is that he’s not a bad person – rather, he’s a weak person who can’t face failure and can’t live with the knowledge that he was responsible for Evan Crowhurst’s death.

After manipulating Jason into covering for him previously, this week he turned his mind-control powers to the altogether less impressionable Xavier. Zav was already suspicious of Cameron’s involvement in Evan’s death after observing his reactions to the investigation that was taking place. The investigators were talking to Chloe – but it was Cameron who was looking shifty.

Rather cleverly, Cameron made Xavier think that he’d poisoned him. Yes, this was a far-fetched idea but the way he did it was quite subtle and led to Xavier making a bit of a fool of himself in an operating theatre.

Cameron compounded this by sending a text to Zav’s phone from the phone of an attractive patient. This is not behaviour that Donna puts up with, and as a result the lovely romance between Xavier and Donna is teetering on the brink of break-up. And Xavier has been suspended due to his erratic and paranoid behaviour.

So, job well done for Cam and he can go to bed and sleep soundly? Well, not exactly. Xavier has vowed to expose him. ‘You’re a sad, sorry little insect,’ he told the sad, sorry little insect, promising him that he’s going to ‘dig up the bodies.’

Remember Lofty’s old saxophone teacher, Roger? He was back on Keller for something medical and was keen to hear all the gossip. He wasted no time in working out that Ben was gay but terrified to show it.

We discovered why, as Ben opened up to Roger. Ben had been a junior doctor when the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho had been bombed, and the trauma of seeing how much hatred there could be towards gay people had made him hide his own sexuality.

Roger has been around the block a few times and wasn’t having that as an excuse, telling Ben he was ‘using that tragedy like a box to hide in.’

Roger himself had been almost caught up in the bombing but his way of processing the experience was to never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing him scared again.

This was a different take on why someone might choose to be in the closet and for anyone who might mutter that shows like Holby have too many gay characters it was a powerful reminder why these stories have to be told.

So Ben has left Holby, but with his head held high and a new conviction to be honest about himself. And before he went he was absolutely lovely in helping out Essie, who faced a meeting from someone from Children’s Services about Isla. Essie is now officially able to look after Isla until Frankie wants her back.

Meanwhile, Nicky started experiencing some side-effects from the drugs trial she’s on to earn some money. Rather unfortunately for a surgeon, her fingers started to swell. She was eventually forced to confess to Jac that she may not be able to assist in theatre due to her sausage fingers. Jac was not best pleased.

While Cameron was busy manipulating people on AAU, Max McGerry proved that she’s quite good at that sort of thing herself when she uncovered Hanssen’s secret plotting with Ric Griffin.

She told Hanssen that AAU was being closed but to keep it a secret, so when Ric Griffin came ranting up to her office about it she knew he’d got the information from Hanssen because it wasn’t true, she said. She’d done a Coleen Rooney on them by planting some false information.

Sue Haasler is the author of five novels and the official BBC Holby City book, which you can read about here.

Holby City continues Tuesday 24 March at 8pm on BBC One.

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