Homeschooling has killed my daughter's motivation for school

DEAR DEIDRE: BECAUSE she refused to do homeschooling during lockdown – or any of the self-isolation periods we’ve had to observe – my daughter failed her end-of-term exams.

I’ve tried my best but she is nearly 15 now, is a drama-queen and a door- slammer.

She kept screaming at me in the morning: “Get out of my room!”

I knew that during lockdown she had been staying up until all hours of the night.

Her grandad died of Covid-19 and she was close to him, so this has affected her.

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She’s a bright kid and is back in school now. But I’m so scared she’s going to screw up her GCSEs next year if she keeps the same attitude.

DEIDRE SAYS: Find a moment when she is not angry to tell her you are worried about her.

Explain that you know she has had a tough year. Tell her you would like to have a joint meeting with teachers so you can understand how best to help her.

If she sees you and her teachers are working together, she is more likely to respond positively.

Counselling could help her explore her feelings around school and losing her grandad.

The Mix (, 0808 808 4994) helps under-25s, whatever the issue.

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