Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, May 25

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You’re hoping for a time when you will be able to get more relaxation and for work responsibilities to decrease. If your job involves art, music, teaching or drama you will find work fulfilling as well as profitable. People are relying on you for support in areas that mean a lot to them.


This isn’t a good time to lend money. Any spare cash could be needed as May ends so be sure to take care of your own financial interests first. Some good news will help you push uncomfortable issues from the past behind you. A close friend is willing to forgive and forget a recent misunderstanding and you are too.


No matter what you are doing and where you are, some people just don’t seem to be speaking the same language. Conversations will get argumentative unless someone walks away. Some subjects can be left for another day to be discussed. Patience will be needed.


Plans being discussed won’t be easy and you know it. You also know that if you prepare yourself for all possibilities, you won’t be caught out at the crucial time. Some people won’t be so organised in their thinking which is why you dismiss the prospect of working alone, behind the scenes.


One way to cut down on everyday expenditures would be to pool resources. Even so if you and a partner or housemate have different ways of handling finances, it could be hard to reach an agreement. You both seem to want different things and it isn’t easy to agree on how much you can both afford.


Try not to judge other people too harshly. Where you felt someone was against you, you could discover they have been working on your behalf in a roundabout way that wasn’t at first obvious. There are aspects of your life and relationships that could do with some improvement.


Teamwork will bring good, if not exceptional results. Jobs you would have found heavy going if tackled alone will be less tedious if a friend or workmate volunteers to help you. Contact with someone in a far-off place could have surprising developments.


A growing restlessness or need for something different will see your aims in life changing. Circumstances will force the need for you to revise your goals. You are starting to accept your life has been in need of a radical review to get you out of a rut.


Instead of dwelling on what has been, you are in a more positive frame of mind. A romance will take on a new direction. You are more able now to throw away uncertainties when you realise you cannot relive the past. It is time to make what you have in the present work for you.


You’re trying to work out the best way to share your time between job, social and home affairs. Someone close will make some suggestions which will not amuse you. If they can’t be serious, you would prefer they kept their mouth shut. If there is a way to reduce responsibilities, act on these ideas.


You could go ahead with plans you have for the domestic scene without waiting for the support of those you live with but you would rather not go against them. Family relationships are improving when someone who has been argumentative of late is showing a more cooperative attitude.


Make an effort to tie up loose ends of domestic or work activities that are starting to get you down. Someone is trying to make a choice for you but you really should try to make your own decisions especially where money and career is concerned.

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