Horrific injuries of woman ‘beaten blind’ by boyfriend who ‘locked her in home’

A woman who was battered ‘blind’ by her boyfriend as he kept her ‘locked in his home for four days’ has discovered the vile thug had been caged for attacking his last partner.

Roseanne Sparkes, 21, wasn’t aware of Jack Marney’s past when they met in December 2017 after being introduced by a mutual friend.

She thought Marney, 23, was a gentleman who abhorred violence to women – and he allegedly claimed he’d recently been to prison for attacking a paedophile.

But he had been locked up for violence against a woman – and Roseanne claims he quickly became controlling in their relationship.

She claims her new partner wouldn’t even allow her to shut the door when she had a bath.

Six weeks after meeting, a row escalated at Marney’s home in Maidstone, Kent, when she claims Marney locked his door, took her phone and car keys, and kept her in his flat for four days.

On the second day, Marney launched a vicious attack on Roseanne – pulling her hair, pushing her and punching her in the face.

Roseanne was beaten so badly she had a cut above her eyebrow, bruises all over her body and swelling and bleeding behind her left eye, which reportedly left her blind for two weeks.

Roseanne says she then remained locked in his home until Marney’s sister attended and helped her escape.

She has since discovered that Marney had walked out of prison weeks before they began dating over an attack on his previous partner, not a paedophile.

Brave Roseanne is now sharing horrifying images of injuries as a warning to others to look out for warning signs in their partners – and to leave if they are ever violent.

Roseanne, from Maidstone, said: "I remember coming round and thinking ‘I’m not getting out of here alive’.

"Things hadn’t really gone wrong until that morning. There was a text on his phone from a girl and I’d threatened to leave.

"I said I was going to leave and wouldn’t put up with it, then he went psycho.

"He started shouting. Then he locked the door and said ‘you aren’t going nowhere’.

"He pinned me up by my throat, smashing my head on the wall by my hair, then dragging me back as I went to go out the door.

"Then when I was in the bedroom he ran at me, punching me in the eye, which knocked me out and slit my eye open.

"He kept shouting ‘I’m not going back to prison for you’. I thought I wasn’t getting out of there alive."

A year on from the attack, Roseanne fears she’ll be scarred for life mentally and physically.

She still has a scar above her eyebrow but is thankful to have her eyesight back after initially being blinded by Marney.

Roseanne said: "At the time I had a gash above my eyebrow, bleeding and swelling behind the eye, a big black eye, bruising to my neck, chin, legs and hands.

"In the two days after the attack, I was kept in the flat.

"The door was constantly locked, he had my car keys and my phone. If my mum was to ring he’d just message her back pretending to be me.

"I was covered in bruises and couldn’t see anything for two weeks. I’d lost all of my vision and worried it wouldn’t come back.

"When I went to the hospital they said there was a chance it might not come back, but it gradually did in little bits."

Roseanne claims there were subtle signs that something wasn’t right from the beginning of her relationship with Marney, but she only picked up on them after the attack.

Now she is urging other woman who feel they’re being controlled to get out as soon as they can – claiming no-one deserves to be ‘treated like objects’.

Roseanne said: "I met Jack through a mutual friend. I was only with him a month and a half.

"There were small things that happened from the beginning, like I’d have to have a bath with the door open. He had a lock behind his door to keep it open.

"But nothing else suggested he was the way he was.

"The friend who introduced us had just come out of an abusive relationship.

"Jack would say to her ‘I can’t believe he did it to you. If anyone does that, they’re not a man’. He basically said everything I wanted to hear.

"I knew he’d just come out of prison but he told me he beat up a paedophile.

"As it turns out he’d [been violent towards] his ex-partner.

"I would tell any women whose partners are showing controlling behaviour to run – get out of the relationship as soon as they can.

"No one deserves to be mentally or physically abused. We’re worth more than being treated like objects."

After four days of being trapped in Marney’s flat, his sister visited with her partner and they helped Roseanne escape.

Marney had reportedly warned her to stay in the kitchen away from his family to hide her injuries, but when his sister saw Roseanne’s bruises, she forced him to let her go.

Roseanne said: "On the fourth day, his sister and brother-in-law came round the flat and he was having a go at me in the kitchen and telling me not to go into the front room.

"She told Jack he needed to let me go and her husband held him down so I could run.

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"I got in touch with his probation officer and I went to her.

"It wasn’t until I got out the hospital that his ex got in contact with me to say don’t go back.

"I went to meet her and I saw all the pictures and reports of what he’d done.

"He’d spent nine months in prison and he’d been out only a [matter of months] when he did that to me.

"I had to give up my job because I suffer with bad anxiety and depression as a result of the attack.

"I think trusting people now is difficult. I can’t sleep because of nightmares and it’s a lot of pressure mentally.

"But I’ve got my new partner Louis now and he’s completely different.

"After all that, I’ve finally found some happiness."

After attacking Roseanne, Marney pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was sentenced to 26 months imprisonment at Maidstone Crown Court on October 15 last year.

He was also ordered to pay a £170 victim surcharge and given a restraining order preventing him from contacting Roseanne.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that in March 2017, Marney was sentenced to a total of 16 months for various offences of violence against a woman.

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