Hot grans’ anti-ageing tips – from sipping green tea to putting oil on face

With society constantly on a quest to look younger, the amount of anti-ageing lotions and potions there are on the market are neverending.

Unfortunately for most of our wallets, these products tend to have an expensive price tag.

Thankfully four older women have revealed how they have managed to keep their enviably youthful complexion without spending thousands on expensive creams and serums.

From a gran who swears by green tea and another who uses a surprising kitchen ingredient, it's easier than you think to look younger than ever before.

World’s hottest gran swears by green tea

Gina Stewart is famous for her youthful good looks that have earned her the nickname “world’s hottest gran”.

The 51-year-old maintains her age-defying appearance by following a healthy lifestyle and she swears by drinking green tea to keep herself feeling young.

“[It’s] one of my favourite and one of the cheapest ways to stay healthy,” she revealed.

“A cup of green tea each day, perfect hot or cold. Numerous health benefits and extremely high in antioxidants.”

According to the Miss Maxim model, drinking the brew regularly is “good for the skin” and “slows down ageing”.

It’s not the only time Gina has shared her anti-ageing tips as she previously told the Daily Star that she sticks to a strict skincare regime.

She said: “I believe the Rosehip oil I use daily is anti-ageing so that’s Botox in a bottle for me. My secret weapon!”

The affordable product is believed to be good for moisturising, brightening and repairing the skin.

Model’s anti-ageing trick costs less than £2

Yazemeenah Rossi’s youthful complexion has seen her front high-profile campaigns for the likes of Marks & Spencer and JD Williams.

The 65-year-old may look like she drinks from the fountain of youth, but her radiant skin stays wrinkle-free with the help of one everyday item which only costs a few pounds.

In fact, Yazmeenah’s biggest age-defying product is something that everyone has in their kitchen.

The stunning senior’s secret beauty hack is rubbing olive oil on her face and running rapeseed oil through her silver locks.

On top of that, she concocts a homemade exfoliant from olive oil and fine sugar which she uses as a scrub once a week.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: “There are no beauty products I couldn’t live without as I can always find what I need anywhere.

“My basics are in the kitchen cabinet, but I also use some extra luxuries like various precious oils.”

She eats one avocado a day and never eats processed, frozen, microwaved or low-fat foods.

She added: "Walking and sweating are great for your skin because it’s our biggest breathing organ.”

Avoid all sweets and fried food

A stunning 62-year-old grandmother who won two beauty awards in the United States has revealed her beauty secret.

Ukrainian grandma Svetlana Gass was crowned Mrs Grandma Globe and Ms Transcontinental Classic at a beauty pageant in Atlanta, Georgia, two years ago.

The brunette has an adult daughter and a 14-year-old grandson but used her age-defying looks to beat competition as young as 50 for the crown.

Svetlana claims the secret behind her youthful appearance is to never stop moving – and enjoys a whole host of fitness activities.

The brunette beauty claims to avoid all sweets and fried food and eats a lot of fruit and vegetables every day.

Svetlana said: "I want to grow old gracefully, even though I do not feel like a 60-year-old."

Don't wash your face every day

Brenda Gabriel, 40, maintains an incredibly youthful appearance and is often mistaken for her 23-year-old son's partner.

The PR strategist looks almost half her age with her beauty and skincare routine and looks so young that she's often refused alcohol at the supermarket.

So, how does the mum-of-three maintain her youthful appearance?

Speaking to , Brenda said: "I'm actually a little bit like Cameron Diaz because I don't wash my face every day.

"As you get older, it tends to dry out a little bit more, so now what I do is oil cleansing."

Brenda swears by "Buffet" Multi Technology Peptide Serum, Alpha Arbutin Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol Serum.

When it comes to her diet, the mum enjoys a protein shake sometimes, as well as a green smoothie every other day.

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