How Could Palpatine Return to Star Wars? Snoke Could Be the Answer

The brouhaha around the ninth Star Wars installation, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, more or less broke the Internet when the movie’s epic teaser dropped. What’s been driving people mad with theories is the promo’s ominous ending, which features Emperor Palpatine’s haunting laughter. Is he a Force spirit? If not, how could Palpatine be alive?

As we’re introduced to the potential villain of the upcoming movie, we can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection between Palpatine and the sequel trilogy villain Snoke. It’s easy to draw a link between them because they both wield the dark side of the Force and are the evil masterminds behind the Republic and the First Order. Plus, there’s evidence to believe that Snoke, the former Supreme Leader of the First Order, has actually been Emperor Palpatine all this time. But wait. Aren’t both Palpatine and Snoke dead? Even if Palpatine is Snoke, does it matter? Well, let’s rewind what happened to them to understand this theory’s implications.

First, we need to consider when we last saw Palpatine in the Star Wars timeline. Palpatine has been dead for a long time. In Episode VI, he faces off with Luke Skywalker, attempting to electrocute the young Jedi into a crisp. Darth Vader, however, tosses Palpatine into a chasm to save his son. It looks like the evil Sith is intergalactic toast when the Death Star blows up.

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