How I Save: The PR account manager who earns £31k a year and has £19,312 saved

Luckily my husband owns his own company, and has a financial advisor who looks after his personal investments. After years of keeping my savings in a cash ISA and not making any interest, my husband convinced me to speak to his advisor. I do not understand it at all, and it makes me really sad – especially as my stocks and shares ISA has decreased since August.

My husband tells me not to panic, but I do, because I know if it was in a regular account, it may not have gone up much, but it certainly wouldn’t have gone down!

How Rebecca spends:

Monthly expenses: £500 – this covers my share of our household bills, which are managed by my husband. Not because I can’t be trusted with money, but I moved into his house – so all the bills are in his name and from his account and we never needed to change. Neither of us want a joint account.

I also put £200 into my cash ISA every month (this is for rainy day expenses such as car insurance, MOT and the usual unplanned expense). I let this fund build up and then transfer it across the funds managed by our financial advisor.

I pay my car insurance and gym membership annually. We have two cats but no children – nor do we want children.

My husband and I both work stressful, time-consuming jobs, and therefore like to eat out quite a lot as neither of us enjoy cooking – particularly when we get home at gone 7pm!

Monthly income: £1,907.04. £700 of that goes straight out, leaving me with £1,207 to spend.

A week of spending: 

Monday: Lidl, £71.68, weekly fresh food shopping.

Tuesday: Spotify, £9.99 renewal.

Wednesday: £5.35 for lunch at work, £71.40 at Miller & Carter – I picked up some new glasses so took my husband out for tea to show them off.

I also spent £37.90 on two pairs of boots (one going out, one everyday) heeling and soling following a tough winter, and repair to the sole of my Dr Martens which had come loose.

£17.99 at Boots on toiletries, £6.49 on cod liver oil tablets at Holland & Barrett, and £8.20 at a coffee shop buying myself and the boss breakfast and coffee before a big meeting with a client.

Thursday: £4.90 at Tesco for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on the way to the gym, as I had left mine at home.

Friday: £6.25 for fresh milk and bread at Asda ahead of the weekend, £20 topping up my coffee card at Starbucks.

Saturday: £10.50 at Paperchase buying a card and gift, then £10.40 on cocktails with friends.

Sunday: I buy a new T-shirt as a treat for my husband from House of Fraser, then spend £98.25 on a weekly shop at Asda.

Total spent this week: £379.30

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