How Kate Middleton handled each post birth appearance very differently

It's been nearly six years (and two babies) since that hot July in 2013 when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented Prince George to the world.

Now, with Meghan Markle due any day now, the spotlight has fallen once again on the rights and wrongs of expecting new royal mums to face the media hours after giving birth.

Some think it's the price you pay for a life of immense, largely public-funded privilege. Others feel it's completely inhumane to ask a mum so immediately postpartum to do this.

Remarkably, Kate not only did it with her firstborn, but then again with Charlotte and Louis.

While a lot was obviously made of her changing style and the subtle nods to Diana , another change was playing out before our eyes.

If you look back at Kate (and William) on the famous Lindo Wing steps with each of her babies, other differences in how she handled the publicity become more apparent too.

Prince George

With so many new royal babies having made their debut – or about to – George's birth on 22 July seems like a lifetime ago.

Just a day after his birth, the new parents faced the press and the public outside the Lindo Wing.

The couple had delayed announcing the birth for four hours as they'd wanted to just enjoy spending some time with their tiny son first.

When they eventually tottered outside, they were very generous with their time in the front of the cameras.

Out of all of their children, William and Kate spent the longest posing for photos with George.

As for why, there are a number of potential reasons.

It was a warm summer evening. George will be king one day, meaning public interest was particularly high. And, as elated, emotional, first-timers, they may have felt more inclined to show their baby off.

Dressed in a polkadot Jenny Packham number, Kate did not try to hide her postpartum tummy. She paired the dress with some casual cork wedges and wore her hair in a natural, loose style.

There were some signs of nerves from the new parents .

Kate kept a firm hold on George, cradling him with both arms during their appearance. Only once did she release one hand to wave for photos.

Onlookers also witness a sweet and slightly fumbling handover as Kate passed George to William – and then there was the struggle fitting the car seat, which any parent can relate to.

Kate's body language also gave away her nerves.

"Kate's feet are nearly overlapping as she's standing on the stairs," body language expert Patti Wood told Good Housekeeping .

"This indicates that she feels the need to keep it all together. Both of them have relaxed hands but there's slight gestures like the feet and forced smiles that indicate they're a bit tense in this moment."

And who could blame them?

Princess Charlotte

Just under two years later and William and Kate are no longer first-time parents working through all the nerves and novelty of having a newborn.

Kate was admitted to hospital in the early hours of the morning on May 2, and left later that evening.

The couple once again posed for photos but there was a marked difference from the photocall with George.

Not only did Kate seem a lot more polished and preened (gone were the wedges), but she seemed a lot more confident too.

"This tender moment between Will and Kate is something out of a movie," Wood said. "Her fingers are locked inside his, which is her subtle way of saying 'this moment is all about us.'" 

This time, she and William spent less than two minutes in front of the camera.

There was no answering questions of walkabout as there had been with George, and Kate kept hold of Charlotte the whole time – albeit cradling her with just one arm.

They both appeared more poised and comfortable – and a little more businesslike.

William, this time, bossed fitting the car seat – and he even flashed a cheeky peace sign at the waiting paps.

Prince Louis

By the time baby Louis arrived, the Cambridges were seasoned pros at parenting – and their appearance outside the Lindo Wing proved it.

There was a smaller crowd gathered outside this time – perhaps because the little prince falls slightly further down the royal ranking.

Kate was ready to face the cameras just seven hours after giving birth, and looked even more coiffed, once again wearing Jenny Packham and in high heels.

Perhaps mindful of the cool wind and their two eldest waiting for them at home, she and William spent just a minute and a half outside.

One particularly touching shot of Kate and her new son shows them mirroring eachothers' hand gestures.

"Sure, Kate is fixing her hair from the wind but it's also an indicator of a strong rapport between the two," Susan Constantine, human behavioral expert and author tells Good Housekeeping.

After some brief posing, the couple marched over to their car – completely confident and in sync.

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