How Many Couples From ‘Married at First Sight’ Are Still Married? – The Cheat Sheet How Many Couples From ‘Married at First Sight’ Are Still Married?

The popular show Married at First Sight has garnered a lot of attention for its bizarre premise: Getting married at first sight. It’s hard to imagine that something like this could actually work. But how many couples who wed on the show are actually still together?

Doug and Jamie from the show’s first season are still together. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for FYI Network

The show uses an intense compatibility test to find a match

The show is much more intense than it appears. Those selected for the show sign up for what they know is a “social experiment,” but they don’t actually learn what the show is until they’re pretty far along in the process. And to make the potential match pool larger, producers also recruit people from the city in which they’ll be filming. (They might approach someone on the street or in a bar.) A series of intense compatibility tests are then completed by the potential matches, including a 500-question survey about their likes and dislikes. Physiological tests are done, too, such as their weight and measurements. Then, psychologists actually team up and determine who should be united. It gets narrowed down to three couples, and those couples appear on the show.

The couples then wed upon meeting each other for the first time

As far as weddings go, these ones are entirely real. The couples walking down the aisle have actually never met before, despite the hard-to-believe concept. However, some people on the show have said after filming that they were forced to walk down the aisle several times, so the camera could capture the moment perfectly. While there still is some editing, the couples have definitely never met. The show then follows those married couples for eight weeks. At the end, they decide if they still want to be together.

But many couples have had problems throughout the show and split up

As expected, the romances don’t always work out. Throughout the show, many of the couples learn that they aren’t as compatible as the tests thought they would be. One contestant later said after the show that she was forced to interact with her husband while they were on camera; the couple had no real connection at all. And of the 18 couples featured on the first six seasons of the show, a large majority of them did not stay together. Some couples said filming was tough, too, since the show’s producers had absolute authority to edit the footage any way they wanted.

However, four couples have remained together from the show’s first six seasons

Out of the 18 couples, a few of them were bound to stay together. Four couples from the past six seasons are still hitched, and they’re all seemingly quite happy together. Jamie and Doug, who got together on the first season, started out rocky. However, they ended up falling for each other and decided to stay together after the eight weeks. They now have one daughter together. Courtney and Jason from season one also remained together after the show. They did say their marriage wasn’t easy at first, but they’re glad they remained by each other’s side.

Season five’s couple, Ashley and Anthony, also decided to remain married after the filming ended. Ashley said that the odds didn’t seem good, but the two hit it off and wanted to stay together. And Shawniece and Jephte from season six also remained together post-production. The couple has since welcomed a baby girl. Although only four of the 18 couples remained together, those four all seem to be enjoying married life to the fullest.

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