How ‘staunch, no-nonsense, alpha’ Philip ‘looms’ over Elizabeth – ‘very dominant’

Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip in 1947. Now 93 and 97 respectively, they have known one another for seven decades.


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A body language expert has analysed images of the pair, claiming that the Duke of Edinburgh “looms” over his wife, appearing as a “mentor and guide”.

The Queen is five foot four inches, while Prince Philip is six foot, so his looming over her is somewhat a fact of life.

However, in many poses it appears that the older Duke took a somewhat paternal role over his wife, too.

This is something the Queen, who was besotted with her handsome military husband, seemed keen to encourage.

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Body language expert Judi James told “In some poses she would adopt a very girlish pose and allow him to loom over her like a mentor and guide but in others her regal bearing would make it obvious where the official power lay.

“Their signals suggested that their private relationship balance was very different from their public face at royal events.”

As the Monarch, it is natural that the Queen is always the most powerful person in the room, even over her own husband.

While this is nothing out of the ordinary today, this dynamic between husband and wife was unusual in the 50s.

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Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Philip ‘looms’ over Elizabeth – ‘manly, protective and very dominant’

“The glimpses of genuine moments between them were rare but when they did occur the suggestion was that the couple shared a sense of humour as well as a shared sense of devotion to one another.”

Judi James notes one image taken of the young couple, which shows Elizabeth reading with Philip looking over her shoulder.

“This over-pose pic shows Elizabeth in another very innocent-looking pose, poring over a book and pointing at the page rather like a young girl learning to read,” Judi said.

“Philip looms over her in his enormous tweed jacket, looking manly, protective and very dominant.”


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In another image young Elizabeth sits on a chair gazing up at her husband.

Judi said: “Elizabeth adopts another very girlish pose here, sitting with her legs crossed at the ankle and her toes pointed in as she leans slightly forward to gaze up at Philip with an unashamed look of love on her face.

“She suggests in poses like this that she might be the monarch but that he is her hero.

“Sitting on the arm of her chair and again looming over her Philip’s wide, loving grin looks equally caring and affectionate.”

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are mostly seen putting forwards their professional faces. 

The Queen, in particular, never puts a foot wrong in terms of etiquette and in public tends to be more focused on those she is meeting than her husband.

However, there have been moments over the years when the couple’s stately facade has broken, giving us a peek into their romance, which has spanned seven decades.

Body language expert Judi James analysed these moments for

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