How to detox your HAIR after the festive party season

How to detox your HAIR after the festive party season: Experts reveal six steps for reviving lacklustre locks – including keeping your straighteners at the optimum temperature

  • Improving hair health is often overlooked when it comes to the January detox
  • But treating tired and lacklustre locks is crucial after a busy festive party season 
  • British celebrity hairdressers recommend their tips for rediscovering the shine 

From diets to new gym regimes, January is a time to reset and recharge our bodies after overindulging over the festive season. 

But very few of us consider detoxing our hair as part of this lifestyle overhaul. 

However British celebrity hairdressers Adam Reed and Zoe Irwin, both ghd brand ambassadors, have explained it is crucial to pay attention to your locks after a hectic party season. 

‘January is the best time to refresh your hair routine and to give your hair a detox, so that it can recover from the overindulgences of the festive period,’ Zoe said. 

‘The build-up of styling products from more frequent styling, as well as a change in diet, can have repercussions on your hair health as well as your body and skin.’

Here, Zoe and Adam share the six steps everyone can take to improve their new year hair health… 

British celebrity hairdressers Adam Reed and Zoe Irwin have explained it is crucial to detox your locks after a hectic festive party season. Stock image

Switch from warm to cool 

Hairdryers are essential in creating a style that lasts, but repeatedly blasting your locks with heat can cause some damage. For January, try switching the setting from warm to cool. 

Adam, whose clients include Zoe Ball and Tess Daly, said: ‘Leave your hair to dry naturally for as long as possible and then use the [cool setting] to finish off drying your hair. 

‘This not only helps to lock your finished style in place for longer but is also better for protecting your scalp and your hair health.’

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Use big brushes

‘Paddle brushes are essential for a January hair detox,’ Zoe explained. ‘Sweeping your paddle brush along the scalp lightly can help stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp. 

‘Paddle brushes are also the most gentle forms of brushes. The rounded end ensures you cannot scratch the scalp and the evenly spread out plastic bristles cause less tension with fibre interaction when detangling to ensure the scalp isn’t damaged.’ 

Swapping conditioner for a leave-in treatment on some days can help bolster your hair health, according to celebrity hairdresser Zoe Irwin. Stock image

Upgrade your hairdryer

‘Invest in a quality hairdryer for fast and efficient drying and to reduce heat damage,’ Adam said. 

The optimum temperature for styling hair without causing damage is 137C so pay attention to the fine print on your hairdryer box to ensure it doesn’t go any higher.  

Ditch your conditioner

Zoe said: ‘The underneath section of hair is the part that gets the most abuse. It gets rubbed by your top, coat, scarf and also when you sleep. It’s this part of your hair that will make your overall hair look and feel healthier if it’s looked after.’

Give yourself a daily head massage 

Instead of scrolling through Instagram in the morning, Zoe suggested using the time for a daily head massage.

‘Massaging your scalp daily for 10 mins has an incredible effect on the hair,’ she said. 

‘It will relieve tension and also increase the blood flow for thicker, healthier, longer hair.’

While regular conditioner is helpful in tackling these issues, a leave-in conditioner can offer a deeper level of treatment. 

Zoe suggested using the ghd advanced split end therapy every five washes instead of your regular conditioner and then blow-drying. 

‘[The product] helps bind broken fibres together to strengthen fragile and damaged hair,’ she added.  

Cool off your straighteners

As many know, straighteners can leave the hair badly damaged, particularly after frequent long-term use. 

However reducing the temperature setting can be away to alleviate some of the negative side-effects. 

Adam explained 185C is the optimum temperature for healthy hair styling without heat damage so check the settings on your appliance. 

He added: ‘Styling your hair with heat above 185C will cause vertical cracks along the hair cuticle, causing the cuticles to lift and split, resulting in irreversible damage to the hair.’

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