How to dress a bed with style like an interior designer

How do hotels achieve that luxury bedroom feel? Interior experts reveal how to dress a bed with style – it’s all about cushions, pillows and throws…

  • Interior experts suggest allowing a bed to be the centre of attention in a room
  • A bed can have a luxurious feel by using plenty of cushions and a throw
  • Experts recommend using at least two pillows on each side of the bed

With many of us holidaying at home this year, many will have had that glorious moment when you leap into freshly made hotel bed and wondering how they make it so comfortable.

Now we can also allow friends and family to stay once more, it might be time to spruce up your guest bedrooms to ensure they’re in tip-top shape for those VIP visitors.  

A key component of making the right impression when a guest walks into their room is to make sure that the bed is dressed properly.

As our experts explain, a dressed bed helps to create a luxurious hotel feel in a room that makes everyone feel welcome.

Plenty of cushions and a throw on the bed can help to create a luxury hotel feel in a bedroom

Joanna Ross, of homewares store Sheridan, says: ‘Allow the bed to be the centre of attention. It should be the focal point of a bedroom. 

‘By adding vibrant colours, striking patterns and textures – you will be sure to draw your eye straight to the bed. 

‘Add bold patterns, bright colours and textures to your space, while also providing unmatched bedding quality that transports you to the best luxury hotel.’

Designers at Alexander James Interiors recommend using plenty of cushions and pillows.

With pillows, it suggests using two on each side of the bed rather than only opting for one pillow each side.

Rachel Clark, of Alexander James Interiors, says: ‘To achieve that luxurious hotel bedroom feel, we recommend two pillows on each side of the bed, this allows bedroom cushions with the support they need to be upright and perfectly plumped in front.’


You will need to decide on what type of pillow to go for, including whether to use a softer or firmer option. 

For those who prefer a firmer pillow, or who are looking for a bottom pillow on a guest bed, it says the Everyday Duck Down Pillow by the White Company is the perfect solution, providing support at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, for those looking for a softer, more luxurious feel to their pillow, the same retailer’s Canadian Goose Down Soft Pillow is the ideal option. 

‘With its fluffy Canadian Goose Down centre providing that ‘sleeping on a cloud’ feel, it is great for a softer top pillow,’ says Ms Clarke.

Experts recommend using at least two pillows on each side of the bed, as well as cushions


The amount of cushions to use on a bed will depend on how sumptuous you would like your bedroom to feel, as well as the size of the bed because the cushions should be to scale.

Those opting for a more minimal look – who don’t want to spend too long making the bed in the morning – could opt for two to four cushions.

However, those who want a more cosy yet glamorous look on a larger size bed can use many more. Alexander James Interiors uses up to 10 cushions on a larger sized bed in its designs.

‘We always make sure the cushions are symmetrical for the perfect bedroom look,’ Ms Clark adds.

‘As the weather gets cooler in the Autumn, many add to their bedroom cushions for a cosier feel, and reduce the quantity in the summer when they want a more practical and cooler bedroom space.

‘We recommend contrasting colours and textures of the cushions for great layering effect, which adds depth and distinction to the bedroom.’


This Dalmar throw from Sheridan is the perfect luxury accessory to throw on and off the bed during the cooler months

This approach of dressing a bed with different accent colours and textures can also be applied to bed throws. 

Sheridan’s Ms Ross adds: ‘With the weather being so unpredictable and with the nights getting cooler, now is the perfect time to experiment with throws and cushions. 

‘Add some texture to your bed with our Dalmar throw the perfect luxury accessory to throw on and off the bed during the cooler months.’

Alexander James Interiors also uses bedroom throws to create a sophisticated feel to a bedroom, using accent colours and textures.

Ms Clark says: ‘The Alaska Luxury faux fur throw from Alexander James Home is the perfect addition to our bedroom design, adding a dramatic and rich colour contrast and a sumptuous, cosy feel to a contemporary interior. We also have this throw in cream for those looking for a lighter palette.’

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