How Zoe Saldana’s Gamora Could Make Her Triumphant Return In ‘Endgame’

Zoe Saldana’s MCU character did not meet a pleasant end in Infinity War, being murdered by her adoptive father Thanos long before the snap that wiped out half the universe. However, when it comes to the future, it does seem that Gamora is going to be in Avengers: Endgame. Whether or not she returns is the real question fans are asking, and Marvel’s holding that trump card close to their chests until the first screening hits public eyes.

Fans looking for the most obvious form of confirmation — a quick IMDB check — will be disappointed, as neither Saldana nor Gamora appear on Endgame‘s credit page. Then again, maybe Marvel learned from Paramount’s mistake, back when Saldana and fellow Thanos-fighter Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in Star Trek: Into Darkness. The IMDB listing for Star Trek gave away a major villain reveal by listing Cumberbatch’s character as famous Trek baddie Khan long before Paramount or director J.J. Abrams confirmed it. But given the extreme precautions Marvel’s taken to keep Endgame‘s… end game …under wraps, it’s unlikely they’d have such a basic mistake slip under their radar.

In an interview with Esquire, Saldana confirmed Endgame was "such a top secret project that even the cast is confused in terms of what is up and what is down." She added, "Nobody ever had a full script, you were just given sides like a day before you were supposed to travel to location to shoot, and by the time you would get there it turned out that those sides were inaccurate, they purposefully misdirected you, and now your sides are given to you an hour before you were supposed to be on set." Then again, she may have already said more than she was supposed to — why would she have to deal with Endgame‘s secrecy if she wasn’t a larger part of it?

Then again, Saldana’s utterly aware of her every word being closely watched for clues. In a Jan. 15 Instagram post showing her taking off Gamora’s makeup she wrote "Adios Gamora!" and added "@trolls" for good measure.

So yes, it does seem that Gamora’s going to be in Endgame somehow. There’s plenty to speculate on there without necessarily bringing Gamora back to life, especially as in the comics, it’s Nebula who ultimately defeats Thanos, not Gamora. Polygon does an excellent job of breaking down the lengthy and twisted comic storylines feeding into the movie version of Endgame, and points out that while Nebula does reverse Thanos’s actions, bringing everyone he dusted back to life, yes, including Gamora, there are a lot of of other issues going on with Nebula now holding infinite power. Short answer — it’s more likely that Saldana on in Endgame set means flashbacks and fleshing out the Nebula/Gamora relationship, instead of full reinstatement in the present-day storyline.

Then again, who can truly say? Zoe Saldana told Backstage OL, "I think we’re going to find out when Endgame comes out whether this is the end for [Gamora] and the other characters. And honestly I include myself in that bunch; I have no idea! But I appreciate that this mystery, they’ve preserved it, even for us." We’ll all find out when Endgame hits theaters April 26.

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