I can't help but think about her 38 other men when we get intimate

DEAR DEIDRE: I HATE the fact my girlfriend slept with 38 other men before me.

If I’d have known the number was this high when we met, I’m not sure I would have agreed to a relationship.

She’s 34, I’m 29 and we’ve been together for five years. When we met, she told me that she’d been in three long-term relationships, and so I assumed her number wasn’t much higher than that.

But last month, during a drunken conversation with our friends, she admitted to at least ten one-night stands.

When we got home, I quizzed her on how many people she’d actually slept with, which is when she came out with 38.

I was mortified. I know blokes on Love Island boast about bedding more than 50 girls, but that shouldn’t be the norm.

Now every time we try to be intimate, I can’t help but think of all the other men.

I’m considering walking away.

DEIDRE SAYS: Why does the number really matter? The important thing is that she’s chosen to commit to you.

It would be a shame to throw away a happy and healthy relationship because of her past – something she can’t change now.

Your jealousy might be a sign of your own insecurities. Perhaps you’re worried she will get bored.

I’m sending you my support packs Dealing With Jealousy and Looking After Your Relationship to help you get back on track.

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