I cheated on my wife a few times and now her sex drive has completely died – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I LOVE my wife but she doesn’t want sex any more. She seems to feel it’s no big deal but it’s ­massive to me.

We’ve been married eight years but have been going through a bad patch lately.

I know I’ve been winding her up without meaning to and it makes me so sad that we are not getting on.

I’ve always had a high sex drive but hers doesn’t match. It’s fallen even more over time and we haven’t had sex in six months now.

We’re in our early 30s and still have a laugh when we’re in the right mood but it feels like we are simply good friends and just living together for the sake of our six-year-old son.

She says she doesn’t know why her sex drive has died. I’m worried it’s because I’ve cheated on her a few times.

Should I try new things in bed? I love her to bits but can’t cope without sex.

DEIDRE SAYS: First, there’s a big can of worms staring me in the face – your cheating. You say you love her, so why cheat?

Having different sex drives is a big cause of marital stress but cheating will just make things worse. It may be the hurt that’s killed her sex drive.

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