I grassed cheating girlfriend up to her dad and showed him her saucy Snapchat posts — and now she doesn't trust me

I hacked into her account and filmed her posts.

She is 19 and I am 23. Time after time she has broken up with me, seen other lads within days and had sex with them.

I’d try to get over her, then a week later she’d come running back. This last time I thought I’d put an end to it, which is why I showed her dad her Snapchat posts.

He was shocked and went mad. I am not proud of what I did and it wasn’t pretty to see.

She is angry with me and says her parents do not trust her any longer and that I am the worst mistake of her life. But my friends hate her because of what she’s done to me.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is not OK for her to treat people badly then expect them to be there when she clicks her fingers.

I love her so much but she has treated me so badly.

You felt angry and frustrated at the way she was behaving but going to her dad wasn’t an adult way to handle it.

You have hurt one another and she doesn’t sound likely to change any time soon.

Move on. My e-leaflet Mending Your Broken Heart will help you let go.

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