I Lived in Salem, and This Is What It's Really Like During Halloween

There Are Vendors Set Up Everywhere

As a former resident of Salem, MA (who still has the license to prove it), I can tell you with confidence that Halloween there is very real. I lived in the historic “witch city” (located north of Boston) for a full year and experienced all there is that the quaint community had to offer — Halloween included. From living down the street from Gallows Hill Park (where the “witches” were hanged) to after-work runs to the Hocus Pocus house to shopping at all the local shops and even befriending the townspeople, I got acquainted with the city of Salem and its Halloween roots quite well. But it wasn’t until October hit that I truly got the full Halloween experience. And yes, it’s everything you’d imagine it to be and more (traffic included). If you’re wondering what Salem’s truly like on Halloween (check the 2021 COVID-19 guidelines before you go!) or have recently watched Hocus Pocus and want to know the scoop, keep reading to get a take on Salem Halloween — straight from a former resident.

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