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ENERGY bills have risen for millions this week – but there are a number of ways you can cut back on costs.

The energy price guarantee announced by the government will see the average household's bills rise to £2,500 from £1,971 previously.

However, there are some tricks you can employ, even with your radiator, to reduce your outgoings and ease the strain this winter.

Chris Shaw, chief executive officer at energy price comparison site Utility Bidder, has offered his top tips on making your central heating as efficient as it can be and keeping your home warm for less.

He said: "The UK is currently facing an energy bill crisis, with homeowners around the country waiting anxiously to see how the October energy price increase will impact them.

"With the colder months closing in, many people will be wanting to heat their homes but with extortionate energy prices looming over our heads, switching the heating on isn’t as straightforward as what it once was."

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Strategically place furniture

Furniture left in front of radiators can absorb a lot of heat.

So making sure you move your furniture out of the way means the heat can spread out.

Chris said: "Leave the radiators exposed in order for it to heat the whole room."

The mistake could be costing you as well.

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Uswitch energy expert Will Owen previously told The Sun leaving furniture in front of radiators could add £114 to your bills.

That was before the Energy Price Guarantee came into effect, so you're bound to save more by moving any misplaced furniture today.

Tuck your curtains behind the radiator

While drawing your curtains can keep heat locked in to your home, you need to be careful how you do it.

By leaving them hovering above your heaters, you're directing the heat towards the window and outside.

Chris said: "Instead, make sure the radiator is exposed by gently placing the curtains behind the radiator, which will help to heat the entire room."

Make the most of daylight

On top of radiators hacks, there's other ways you can keep your home warm for little or no money.

One is making the most of daylight.

There might be less of it in the winter, but utilising any sunlight coming into your home will keep your home's temperature up, and for free.

Chris said: "Make sure all curtains and blinds are fully open so that the light projected by the sun can help to heat up different rooms within the house."

Make the most of shower steam

You might have hopped out of a steaming hot shower before and realised you've forgotten to open the windows, leaving the room filled with dense fog.

But by keeping windows closed and opening the door into your bathroom instead, you can use the steam to heat up the rest of your home.

Chris said: "Leave the bathroom door open so that some of the steam and heat warms the surrounding areas of the home, which will hopefully leave you feeling warmer for longer."

Keep out any drafts

Drafts gusting through your home can be an unwelcome nuisance.

So making sure you've got excluders by doors will help keep the warmth in.

We found one on sale for £14 at Dunelm and £10.99 at Amazon.

But if you don't want to fork out, you can always make your own by filling a large piece of fabric with old clothes or rice.

It might save a trip to the charity shop as well with all those unwanted clothes.

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