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IF you're wearing your sun cream daily and have a whole cocktail of skincare products on your counter, you probably think you've got your beauty routine down.

But there are little things many of us do daily that could be bringing down your skincare a few notches, according to a dermatologist.

Posting on TikTok, dermatology doctor Dr Aamna Adel revealed revealed five skincare mistakes you probably didn't realise you're making – starting with how you dry your face – and shared what to do instead.

1. Using a towel to dry your face

The first thing many of us will do once we've washed our face is reach for your towel to dry it.

But Dr Adel warned against doing so in a video she stitched with TikTok creator Izzy Chen.

This is because towels can harbour bacteria if you're not washing them every day and could make the acne on your face – and back – worse.

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Instead, Dr Adel suggested you either wash your towels regularly or air dry and apply your skincare while your face is still damp.

But avoid doing so with active ingredients such as retinol, niacinamide, vitamin C and salicylic acid, she stressed.

2. Applying your skincare products in the wrong order

You might have a full kit of products – moisturisers, serums, retinols – but if you're slapping them on your face willy-nilly, chances are they won't be working as they're supposed to.

According to Dr Adel, there's a specific order in which you should be applying your skincare, from 'thinnest to thickest'.

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You should be laying down products with a thinner consistency first.

3. Not reapplying your sun cream

If you're applying sun cream daily (as you should) you might think you've got your routine down.

But according to the dermatologist, you should be reapplying your SPF every two hours.

Especially is you have hyper-pigmentation – this is when some patches on your skin become darker, either from the sun or acne scarring.

Izzy Chen suggested you use a stick sun cream to administer your sun cream throughout the day, or you can use a spray one too.

4.Applying your hyaluronic acid to dry skin

For hyaluronic acid go work properly, you need to be applying it when your skin in damp, not dry, Dr Adel said.

She suggested you follow it up with a moisturiser for the most benefit.

The dermatologist agreed with Izzy's suggestion that you apply your hyaluronic acid right after you put on on toner or essence, or spray on a mist before doing so.

5. Scooping out your product with your fingers

Scooping out your product from a jar using your fingers or fingernails is a big no-no, according to Dr Adel.

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You can actually introduce bacteria back into your cream by doing so, she warned.

She suggested you wash your hands thoroughly before dipping them into your products or you a spatula or scoop which you wash and dry between uses.

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