‘I’m a plastic surgery addict – it helps me cope with my boyfriend’s murder’

A plastic surgery fan spent thousands on procedures to help her cope with the grief of losing her boyfriend.

Nicole Zavala spoke about her obsession with going under the knife on YouTube channel "Truly".

In the mini-documentary, the influencer told viewers she "loves" to change her appearance all the time.

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Most recently, Nicole forked £16,000 ($20,000) on her fourth boob job and fillers to mark her 30th birthday.

She also explained how she had a "tough year" as her boyfriend of three years Demetrius Meach was killed.

Following his murder around five months ago, Nicole kept getting fillers, tattoos and piercings as "it makes her feel better".

In one scene, she shows off the tattooed portrait on her arm with the words "Demetrius, Legends Live Forever".

When it comes to plastic surgery, she likes to "look more fake" rather than natural.

Often she's compared to a Bratz doll or a Barbie, while others say she looks like a "blow up fish" because of her lips.

But talking about her trolls, she added: "I don't care what anybody thinks… if you don't like it, don't go on my page."

Nicole often faces prejudice as people automatically assume she's "stuck up or got an attitude".

In the short film, Nicole makes a stand as she said: "I would like people to know that I actually have a good heart.

"I'm very very humble even being on TV even before and after TV nothing has changed me a bit.

"I don't think I'm bigger than anybody else."

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One of her favourite procedures is getting her lips done.

She revealed: "I love fillers, I love my lips. I think I've spent over £132,000 ($150,000) on plastic surgery almost £144,000 ($175,000).

"I'm definitely addicted to plastic surgery.'"

Nicole often posts snaps of her surgically-enhanced curves on Instagram.

In the "Truly" YouTube video titled "Surgery Helps Me Cope With My Boyfriend's Murder", she said she fell into "deep depression" after the tragedy.

Although plastic surgery made her feel better, Nicole has been seeing a therapist every week.

At the end of the short film, Nicole meets with her mum and brother to show off her latest round of plastic surgery.

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Her mum Gladys, with a worried look on her face, said: "What's wrong with you? No more please, I love you too much."

While her brother Micha asked her: "Why? I thought you said this was gonna be the last time.

"You look like a Bratz doll… I feel like you need to figure out another way of coping… I feel like you look fine you shouldn't just be adding more to it.

"You have to think of alternative because at the end of the day if any of your surgeries go wrong, you're going to fall into a deep depression."

Looking ahead after making a milestone birthday, Nicole claimed she has no fears about getting old.

She gushed: "When I start reaching 40, I'm gonna do double what I'm doing!"

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