‘I’m bonking my married boss but found out he has got my best friend pregnant’

My boss has got my best mate pregnant.

I didn’t even know they were sleeping together.

Now she’s several months gone and boasting that he is going to give her loads of money and leave his wife.

He and I have been having an affair for four years and he has never once mentioned leaving his family for me. I’m crushed and humiliated.

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I could kick myself for introducing them. Last summer I held a party at my parents’ house. It was during that very hot spell. My folks were away and said I could use their garden.

My boss/lover popped in on his way back from a swim. I was thrilled to see him and proudly introduced him to my best mate.

He said he couldn’t stay long. I was buzzing around sorting out the drinks and food and didn’t even notice that they’d disappeared up to my old bedroom.

Now she’s telling me that they bonked all afternoon (on my childhood bed) and that they met up in secret in a flashy hotel the next day. Their affair has been fizzing along since then.

Now she’s having his child and I feel like such a fool because I was also sleeping with him right up until a couple of weeks ago. Did he frequently have sex with both of us on the same day? It’s highly possible and that makes me feel dirty and used.

I’m desperate for a child of my own, yet he says that won’t be possible as my mate is his future. I ask him if he feels ashamed and he shrugs his shoulders saying: “These things happen.”

I don’t even know if his wife is aware of the truth. Is it up to me to tell her?

JANE SAYS: Don’t get involved with your boss’s wife or his new life with your old mate. Tell him that you won’t be sleeping with him again and concentrate on your own future. If that means finding new job, then go for it.

The same goes for your ‘friend’ she needs to be set free to make her own way.

Tell them both that you’re disappointed but not broken and hold your head high. They deserve each other.

Yes, you’re anxious and scared, but you cannot allow this situation to beat you. Face it, he was never right for you. He is married and clearly can’t be trusted.

His wife will find out the truth soon enough. Don’t beat yourself up that you didn’t know they were carrying on behind your back. You were cynically deceived – and that’s not your fault.

It’s horrible that they thought so little of you that they had sex on your childhood bed, during your summer party but the sad truth is that some people are just not worth bothering with.

Learn from this experience but don’t allow it to make you bitter. Consider the positives – you are now released to do or be anything you want. And that’s an exciting prospect.


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