I’m concerned my boyfriend is showing no emotion about his brother’s suicide – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: A YEAR ago, my boyfriend’s brother took his own life.

It worries me that he talks about him as though he was just an annoying problem.

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I am 20, my boyfriend is 21 and we’ve been together for four months. He is loving, caring and generous.

He’s told me that several members of his family have mental health problems. And he recently mentioned his brother but not in a loving way.

He was quite mean, like he hated him. His brother was only 17 so it would be natural to expect some sadness in his voice, not disgust. He just said his brother took drugs.

Should I be concerned about his lack of emotion?

DEIDRE SAYS: What a terrible tragedy for your boyfriend. You know him to be caring and loving. Showing so little emotion is a normal reaction to losing someone to suicide.

He might find it so distressing he is wary of opening up about it. Anger is a normal stage in grieving, so point out to him it would be expected to have mixed feelings about losing his brother like that.

Suggest he can find understanding through supportaftersuicide.org.uk.

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