I'm having amazing passionate sex with a woman old enough to be my grandma

I’m 22 but I always go for older women when I’m on a night out with friends. I don’t mean just a couple of years older — I mean ten or even 20 years older.

I’ve recently landed a better job, which meant I could leave home and start renting a flat. I knocked on a neighbour’s door to ask about when we’re supposed to put out the recycling bins.

She and I got chatting about all sorts of things and she invited me in for a coffee. She told me her husband spent more time on his hobby of driving steam trains than with her and she was lonely.

She then asked whether I had a girlfriend and how long I’d been single. Before I could even answer, she moved over next to me on the settee and started kissing me.

We undressed each other and had really passionate sex on the lounge floor. She said we didn’t have to worry about her husband as he would be out all day with his trains. She knocked on my door the following evening while her husband was at the pub and we had sex again.

It’s the best intercourse I’ve ever had. Anything goes with her and we now meet up every other day for sex. Sometimes I can even stay the night because her husband goes driving trains all weekend. It’s been going on for three months but it was only the other day I found out that she is 57.

I was amazed because she looks a lot younger. I’d been assuming she was early 40s. The fact that she is married doesn’t bother me, even though I know it should.

The thing bothering me is the age gap. I never give it a thought while we are having sex but, when we’ve said goodbye, I realise that I’ve just had sex with a woman the same age as my nan.

I’m having a great time but I’d be far too embarrassed to tell my mates.


AROUND one in 12 of us is into cross-dressing, but many feel obliged to keep it secret until they are in a committed relationship – when, of course, it can cause problems.

My e-leaflet Cross-dressing Worries? can help. Email at [email protected] or message me on Facebook.

DEIDRE SAYS: Never mind the age gap for a moment. This woman is married and you stand to get into a whole of trouble if caught out.  You should leave your neighbour to sort out her marriage and end this fling right now.

In the long run, feeling compulsively attracted only to older women could cause you problems. It often happens to men who had a cold or non-existent relationship with their mother.

You’ll know if this rings bells for you, but it would make sense to get some counselling now to see if you can free yourself up to fancy someone nearer your own age.

You can find reputable counselling through the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (bacp.co.uk, 01455 883 300).

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