Influencer accused of editing pics hits back at trolls with defiant bikini snap

Body positive influencer Karina Irbys hit back after she was accused of ‘Photoshopping’ the snaps she posts on Instagram.

The 32-year-old Australian beauty often shares uplifting raw and unedited pics of herself, defying the strict beauty standards inflicted on women.

Karina is never shy about revealing her stretch marks and cellulite as she basks in the sun in her bikinis.

But despite her 1.2 million followers adoring her self-love content, one fan has started to become suspicious of Karina and her photos.

The blonde babe shared a screenshot of the message she received, it read: “I’m sorry but for someone who preaches being confident with exactly the way you are, your photos are beginning to look super Photoshopped.

“You’re so beautiful without the editing hun.”

Not standing for the accusatory remark, Karina donned a blue floral bikini set and pouted at the camera.

The curvy influencer leaned to one side as she cheekily pulled the strings of her bottoms.

But not only did she look sizzling hot, Karina wrote a very fiery caption.

She slammed: “THIS GRINDS MY GEARS. And I want to shed light on these types of opinions.

“YES this photo is colour filtered, posed and composed. I’m not trying to hide the fact.

“Whenever I post posed content like this, I’ll always receive comments like this.

“Yes, I preach body positivity, self love and embracing your true self."

Karina continued: “However, this shouldn’t mean that I can’t post cute, posed photos as well as my raw, potato-style content without receiving the backlash.

“Backhanded remarks like this are just another form of body shaming and trolling.

“This says that, because I promote reality and normality and, to be honest, posting content where I don’t LOOK good to make others FEEL good, I’m not allowed to post something where I look good?"

Many fans took Karina’s side so fled to the comments to defend the body positive babe.

One person commented: “Let women post what they want to post. Why does everyone think their opinion is warranted?”

Another user added: “You can’t please everyone. Keep doing whatever feels good!”

A third person voiced: “It's just misogyny, plain and simple. To knee cap & bring down women if they're too pretty or composed or not enough, there is no winning.”

Someone else defended: “Love your content! I love seeing how someone can be a potato one minute and then banging the next!! You're amazing!! Who doesn’t love to play with a cute filter here and there.

“It’s all in the name of fun and loving your best self.. potato, bikinis, filters and all.”

As a fifth fan remarked: “The whole idea of being real is showing ALL sides of yourself. That's what you do. Where did you sign a contract that you can't ever post photos where you put a certain level of effort in?

“That's what real girls do.”

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