Influencer defies troll who called her a ‘whale’ and asked her to ‘go for a jog’

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Australian beauty Karina Irby has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and often shares unfiltered snaps of herself with her fans.

However, not everyone is so kind about the 31-year-old's uplifting content.

The influencer and swimwear brand owner, from Australia, has taken a stand after being branded a “whale” by a troll.

Instead of letting these nasty comments get to her, Karina defied keyboard warriors by calling them out in a viral Instagram video.

Karina attached a screenshot of the vile reply she received which said: “You actually suck. I’m embarrassed for you.

"No one wants to see fat chicks dancing poorly to the Macarena. Go for a jog and get a thigh gap you whale."

In response to the vile comment, Karina posted the video to her Instagram feed.

In the viral clip, the influencer dances in her underwear to the pop hit 'Macarena'.

The motivational video has now racked up a whopping 127,000 views.

Karina responded to the issue of trolling on social media and captioned the post: “STOP WITH YOUR BURNER ACCOUNTS

“You’re a bunch of #FUNSUCKERS. Argghhhh these gutless cowards on social media make me cringe!”

Karina continued: “I posted this light hearted silly 'dance' vid (as I do) on my story last week and the amount of burner comments was ridiculous”.

“If you want to call someone names and make public opinions on their body at least have the balls to show your true profile.

“This is the absolute lowest form of bullying on the internet.”

“I see them EVERYWHERE. And I see them heavily impacting people's mental health. It’s such a shame we can actually let these ghosts inside our minds…

“Stay strong. Shake it off. And have fun with it.”

People quickly rushed to the comment section to share how Karina has inspired them to be more confident in themselves and not care what others think.

One person said: “This is awesome! You are awesome! Never stop- you give me and so many others so much motivation.”

Another user commented: “I love you! I love your body! I love your confidence! Please never change.”

And a third person added: “Get it girl! I wish I had your energy! Have fun! Life is too short not to have fun.”

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