Influencer jokes she’s ‘too hot to date’ as men are ‘intimidated’ by her looks

A "chronically single" influencer has turned heads by joking she's "too hot" to date, with men "scared" by her looks.

Hope Schwing, 24, has never had a serious relationship and has little dating experience.

The influencer from Los Angeles, California, shared her struggles on TikTok and made a satire post about it.

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In a clip that's since gone viral, she sat in her living room with over-lay text that read: "No one talks about how hard it is to be literally so hot that you can't get a boyfriend because all men are extremely intimidated by and scared of you.

"Being incredibly hot is honestly a curse."

Hope clarified the clip was purely satirical, but it still resonated with some of her fans.

"The way you said this was satire but it’s not… like I literally feel like this is true for me," one wrote and another added: "I’m gonna believe this is true about myself because any other explanation will be my last straw."

Despite her struggles, Hope says she's "fine being single".

"I’ve personally been told and heard women give reasons that they’re single because ‘the guy wants to be the hot one’ or ‘I’m too hot, I’m intimidating him and scaring him away’ – just funny satirical stuff like that," the 24-year-old explained.

"I thought it was pretty obvious in my video it was satire and me being existential and dramatic, but clearly that wasn’t delivered.

"The funny thing is, women commenting are saying ‘this isn’t satire, it’s relatable’ or ‘real’. Men on the other hand are basically flaming me, calling me ugly and almost seeming mad."

The young woman is confident that when it's time for her to date, she will be ready for it. But, knowing the busy lifestyle in Los Angeles, she doesn't think it's possible.

Hope added: "Everyone is busy or just not ready for commitment, which I totally understand.

"I’m a busy gal and I think when it’s time for me to date, it’ll come to me. I don’t think I’ll be the one chasing it.

"Being I’ve been independent my whole life, I’m used to being single."


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