Instagram Influencer And Parenting Blogger Ruby Matthews Admits To Cocaine Use To Stay Skinny While Modeling

Prior to being an Instagram influencer and parenting blogger, Ruby Matthews was a model. And, during that time, she used cocaine as a means to stay thin, she has admitted. However, the Instagram celebrity insists she gave up cocaine when she found out she was pregnant.

Matthews revealed on Instagram details pertaining to her drug use while working as a model. The original Instagram stories in which Ruby detailed her drug use have since expired. However, there is still video evidence of them online as well as details within some of Matthews’ posts detailing her addiction.

“I did a lot of cocaine,” Matthews revealed, according to Insider.

“Like, a lot. So basically, I just smoked cigarettes, had long blacks, and did coke. And in between, I had tapas. My life was tapas and cocaine.”

While Matthews may have used cocaine during her modeling career, she insists that the drug use stopped as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Insider also reveals that Matthews has had pregnancy issues in the past. At age 16, Ruby suffered a miscarriage. Then, during her pregnancy with her second child, she had to undergo a surgical procedure.

A recent Instagram post by Ruby also hints at how tough the modeling industry is, giving a potential reason as to why she used cocaine as a means to stay skinny.

“I was pretty tiny here, I actually have no desire to look like that ever again,” the Instagram post reads. “The modeling industry is a tuff industry with the expectation of you having to look a certain way.”

And, for those that are wondering if this is an isolated case of a model’s means to stay thin, according to Ruby, many other models — including other Instagram influencers — use cocaine as a way to stay thin.

“I need to be careful what I’m saying here, but in the [influencer and modeling] industry, everyone loves the baggies. But that is how most physiques are maintained, that’s how exactly my physique was maintained.”

Matthews also detailed how she managed to hide her addiction to cocaine while modeling.

“A lot of people never understood how I could eat and still be so thin, but I guess it’s pretty easy to hide an addiction,” she said.

Ruby also suggested that many people hide things behind a public persona.

“People don’t realize how easy it is to hide something, whether it’s addiction, depression, or anxiety. It’s pretty easy to hide those little things.”

Ruby Matthews is an Instagram influencer who has more than 197,000 followers. Her Instagram account offers details pertaining to motherhood and her life as a parent.

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