Jennifer Aniston’s Still Stunning At 49 — Her Secrets To Looking ‘Ageless’ Revealed

Jennifer Aniston is known for looking half her age whenever she steps out in public and it turns out, the choices she makes in the healthy lifestyle she chooses to live is the reason for it.

Jennifer Aniston, 49, knows how to look fabulous no matter how old she is and at the age of 49, she’s never looked better. The gorgeous actress has a healthy lifestyle to thank for not only looking great, but feeling great and a source has EXCLUSIVELY revealed her diet and beauty secrets to HollywoodLife! “Jennifer has been taking impeccable care of herself for years now,” the source explained. “Most days she eats a very clean diet with lots of organic veggies, farm fresh eggs, wild caught fish, unless it’s a cheat meal she avoids simple carbs like white flour and sugar.”

Despite her clean diet, Jen still lets herself enjoy special delicacies once in a while, such as red wine. “She enjoys a good glass of red wine or a skinny margarita whenever she’s in the mood,” the source continued. “Jen isn’t one of those people that sacrifices having a good time and enjoying life to look good, but she does work very hard to stay in top shape.”

In addition to her diet, Jen stays as active as possible and one of her favorite ways to do so is taking part in regular yoga sessions. “Jen has been doing yoga pretty much daily for close to twenty years now, that is absolutely one of her secrets for looking so ageless because the yoga promotes deep breathing and a lot of toxin release and it keeps her body long,” the source said. “She’s also been doing strength training at least three times a week for even longer than she’s been doing yoga, so even though she’s nearly 50 she’s been able to hang onto her muscle mass, which is key for looking healthy and young.”

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