Jennifer Lopez Adorably Freaks Out During ‘Can You Feel It’ Touching Game With Jimmy Fallon

Goddess! Jennifer Lopez looked ethereal in a plunging white ballerina dress during a stop by ‘The Tonight Show.’ She then had to play a scary game of touching weird things she couldn’t see.

Jennifer Lopez is kicking off a marathon six TV appearances over the next 48 hours to promote her new movie Second Act. First up was a Dec. 11 stop by The Tonight Show where she looked absolutely stunning but had to play a really scary game with host Jimmy Fallon. First she hit the couch and looked like a sexy ballerina in a white dress with a super full and puffy skirt. She looked like she could have been out of a production of Swan Lake if it wasn’t for her plunging braless top, where she flaunted tons of cleavage with the sleeveless look. The 49-year-old looked half her age with flawless makeup, her long hair partly pulled back in a slight ponytail and wore stunning diamond drop earrings.

Jennifer gave a shout out to boyfriend  Alex Rodriguez, saying “He’s so supportive and so loving…he’s just a very loving spirit and soul.” She also gushed about directing her first music video called “Limitless” from her new movie. Jennifer’s 10-year-old daughter Emme stars in it and it and the song was written by Sia so JLo’s debut directing work sounds like it will crush.

Jimmy then made JLo play a “Can You Feel It” challenge, where they each had to stick their hand into a box with some sort of object and guess what it was by touch alone. Jimmy was first up having to feel around a bagel with lox and cream cheese, which he got pretty quickly. Jen was given a tiny snowman made with real snow and couldn’t figure it out. She stripped off his hat, branch arms and scarf and could only guess that it was ice. They both totally freaked out when Jimmy got a remote-controlled fake tarantula that moved every time he touched it. Jennifer then got a toaster filled with sponges, which she only halfway figured out.

Jennifer and Jimmy were then joined byThis Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, who plays her boyfriend in their new flick. The three of them then were given a giant bowl of guacamole, which Jennifer touched right away, screamed, smelled her hand and nailed the correct answer.

Dec. 12 will see Jennifer stop by FOUR TV shows to promote Second Act. She’ll hit up ABC for Good Morning America, Live! With Kelly and Ryan followed by The View. Then at night she’ll appear on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Things will get super juicy when she stops by Andy Cohen‘s clubhouse for Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Dec. 13, alongside her bestie and second act co-star Leah Remini. Whew! JLo has got to be the hardest working woman in show business.

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