Job seekers reveal their shocking interview experiences

‘I was sick all over the boss’: Job seekers reveal their most hair-raising interview blunders – so, would YOU hire them?

  • People from around the world spoke anonymously about their bad job interviews
  • Many told of spilling items on their interviewer and saying the wrong thing
  • In one instance an individual accidentally puked on their prospective employer
  • Another person stayed silent when asked about their proudest accomplishment 

Most people try to prepare for every possible question before a job interview in order to make a good first impression, but not all situations can be predicted. 

Speaking anonymously on confessional app Whisper, job seekers from around the world contributed their worst interview experiences.

One had to leave the interview with a dry cleaning bill instead of a job offer after accidentally vomiting on their potential employer.

Others recalled accidentally touching the interviewer inappropriately or falling over.

From arriving to find the interviewer is your ex to turnin gup with someone else’s CV, it’s safe to say that most of these jobseekers are probably still looking.  

People from around the world contributed stories of their worst job interviews to an anonymous thread of confessions on Whisper. One man told of arriving at his interview to find that it was with his ex

An individual who chose to go to their interview despite feeling unwell left with a dry cleaning bill instead of a job offer after being sick on the boss

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Another person didn’t receive a job offer after telling their prospective employer that they don’t like the products on sale

One person begun their interview uncomfortably after accidentally hitting one of the managers on the boob 

An individual who felt confident in their job interview was shocked to discover they were being considered for the wrong role 

Another told of struggling to answer questions after their social anxiety got the best of them in a university interview 

A woman who was expecting a child had her waters break whilst in her interview 

One person made an entrance as they walked into their interview after tripping over a chair and leaving a trail of mud behind each place they stepped

Another individual was told they were over qualified for the role they interviewed for after they fell over during their interview and landed face down on the floor 

An employer told of deliberately asking crazy questions to a job seeker who arrived for an interview stoned 

One person was weary of their hair dye fail but still managed to get the job they wanted

Another candidate didn’t discover they had brought the wrong CV to their interview until it was time to hand it in 

One person revealed they were so nervous in their job interview that they kept repeating the same questions

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