Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin ‘Happy’ Working Out Together Amid Report He’s Battling ‘Depression’

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin were seen at UFC Gym in NJ on Feb. 15, and an eyewitness EXCLUSIVELY told HL that they were in good spirits despite Justin’s reported ‘depression’ battle.

Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 22, proved their marriage is still going strong, despite Justin’s recent reported struggles with depression, when they showed up to UFC GYM in Hoboken, New Jersey on Feb. 15 and happily worked out together. “Justin & Hailey were in here working out together. They seemed happy and it was no big deal,” an eyewitness, who was inside the gym during their visit, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. In a video a fan filmed and posted to social media, the lovebirds were seen casually leaving the gym in hoodies under coats and sweat pants.

Their fitness outing comes just days after it was reported that Justin is getting treatment in the form of “counseling” for feeling “down and tired” and “struggling” with mental issues that have nothing to do with Hailey. The singer has been “emotional and struggles a lot with the idea of fame,” a source told People, but no matter how hard it may get, it looks like Hailey is planning on being there for him every step of the way. “Hailey loves being Justin‘s wife and looks forward to loving and supporting him through his good times and these challenging ones,” a different source EXCLUSIVELY told us. “She wants to stay with him forever, even during his most difficult times. She is dedicated to Justin and will never turn her back on him, even when he is struggling. Hailey will always love and support her man, she is not going anywhere.”

That support is clearly showing, not only in the recent gym outing, but in the outing the day before too. Justin and Hailey, who were legally married in a courthouse back in Sept. 2018, were seen walking the streets of NYC while reportedly on their way to a therapist’s office for a joint session, and Justin was all smiles as he held his beautiful blonde wife’s hand and shamelessly sported Louis Vuitton slippers.

Although life can definitely have its ups and downs, even for celebs like Justin and Hailey, it’s great to know they have each other and seem genuinely thrilled about it!

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