Kate and Meghan's Body Language On Christmas Reveals A LOT About Their Relationship

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton squashed feud rumors by walking side-by-side during the royal family’s annual Christmas church trip—but body language expert Judi James says there was way more going on than meets the eye.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, James claimed that the sisters-in-law were exhibiting signs of forced friendship, giving off body language cues that are often used by politicians.

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“It reminds me of political body language. The kind of thing politicians do when they’re walking with other heads of state and want to show some signs of rapport or unity,” James said. “They’re walking in step, and there’s enough mirroring to suggest like mindedness too. Kate has her left hand raised at the same time as Meghan—they’re both gesticulating in an over-congruent way to show they’re having a conversation. It looks performed, they’re possibly trying a bit too hard.”

Meanwhile, she says Kate’s face gave suppressed tension away.

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“Normally, Kate wears a classic perfect smile,” she explained. “Here, she looks slightly amused by what’s happening. It looks like they’re almost sharing a joke that they’ve got to perform this friendship routine.”

Kate and Meghan’s Christmas Day walk was their first appearance since rumors of their feud broke, and they were presumably well-aware that everyone would read into it. But even if they were playing up their friendship, that doesn’t mean their smiles and laughter didn’t come from a genuine place! Just check out this sweet, candid moment where Meghan put her hand on Kate’s back before leaving:

WE FINALLY HAVE A VIDEO Kate and Meghan really are the cutest I can’t deal pic.twitter.com/zlI575R1in

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