Kate and William share very normal activity they can’t really do

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Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William have been blessed with incredible opportunities as senior members of the Royal Family and future Queen and King of England. However, there are certain things the royals cannot do because of their position.

Kate and William have no doubt been able to do things most non-royals can only dream about.

From visiting the world’s most beautiful countries to dining in the most exclusive restaurants to meeting iconic superstars and world leaders, the royal duo have had amazing opportunities.

However, with every move scrutinised under the royal spotlight, there are some things that Kate and Will just cannot do.

While they do get to do normal things like the school run with their children and spending family time, the Prince and Princess find it tricky going out in public, particularly to big events such as concerts.

In conversation with Radio One in April 2017, William revealed that he and his wife struggled to go to gigs.

He recalled a “very sweaty man-hug” with artist Tinie Tempah at Radio One’s Big Weekend.

When asked if they would consider donning a “comedy beard and a hat” to sneak into crowds “unnoticed”, William joked that “it has crossed our minds – and who’s to say we haven’t done that already?”.

But the Prince explained that “unfortunately” he and his wife are not able to go to many gigs – “it is a bit tricky to do that”.

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He continued: “I’ve talked about going to Glastonbury before ’cause I do love my music, Catherine as well.”

Kate revealed that the last concert they attended was Coldplay, with William describing the Wembley event as “amazing”.

But the Prince joked that perhaps he should stay away from these sorts of events: “I’ve gotten in enough trouble with my dancing recently so it’s kind of best to keep away from that to be honest.”

This may have been a reference to the video which surfaced online of Prince William dancing at a Swiss Alps night club one month prior.

The royal looked like he was having a great time as he danced to 1990s hit I Got 5 On It by Luniz.

While Kate and William aren’t able to go to gigs on a regular basis, they are able to participate in some non-royal activities.

In the same chat with Radio One, the pair spoke about their TV habits, revealing that they particularly enjoy a box set.

When the “kiddies are in bed”, according to Kate, the pair sit down in the evenings in front of the telly.

Homeland and Game of Thrones were two TV shows the pair mentioned, although they don’t watch the soaps.

Despite their royal status and the intense pressures that come with it, William and Kate are quite relatable in many ways, particularly in their parenting.

Whether it’s Kate trying to show Charlotte to plait her hair, teaching George to tie a tie – or William breaking up “massive fights” on the school run, the pair are very normal parents.

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