Kate embarrasses William by revealing naughty thing he does when they’re at home

Despite being second in line to the throne, Prince William and his wife Kate claim they are just normal people when they’re at home.

And just like all couples, we expect they both do things which annoys the other when they’re relaxing around the house.

Kate let slip one particularly naughty thing the Duke does when they’re at home in the evenings, just after he told a group of soldiers not to do the exact same thing.

During their visit to an RAF base in Cyprus to meet serving personnel who will be away from their families this Christmas they opened a new recreation facility.

Looking around at the new decor, William warned: "Keep the pizza off the sofas".

But Kate then dropped him in it by revealing he’s the worst offender for it, saying: "You’re a nightmare with that", reports the Express.

Oh dear.

During the visit Kate also gave well-wishers an adorable update on Prince Louis.

When she was outside the Warrant Officers and Sergeants’ Mess, Kate chatted to Rhian Davis, 32, who was carrying 10-week-old daughter Dorothy in a sling.

Rhian said: "She asked whether she was sleeping through the night and she told me that Louis is starting to wave."

The royals have also made headlines today after Kate stunned drinkers in a London boozer when she nipped in with Princess Charlotte to use the loo.

The royal duo into the Phoenix pub in Stockwell hand in hand and spent just less than ten minutes using the facilities.

Maggie McKinney, a regular at the pub, told MailOnline: "I was sitting in my usual chair and when I looked up I saw Kate Middleton, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge and her daughter Princess Charlotte.

"The little kiddie just trotted in with her mum, went to the toilet and then trotted out. They could not have been in the pub for more than ten minutes.

"They seem very nice, totally normal. Princess Kate was holding her daughter’s hand. Princess Charlotte was just any other little girl.’

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