Kate Middleton Is the 'Greatest Comfort' For Queen Elizabeth

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is the wife of Prince William, the mother of three young children, and the future of the British royal family. Greatly beloved by the people of England, as well as fans all over the world, Kate has been in the spotlight for nearly fifteen years.

Kae is busier than ever these days, juggling a multitude of responsibilities like a true professional, and although she has been the subject of nasty tabloid headlines in the past, it is smooth sailing for Kate now — so much so that a recent report claims that Queen Elizabeth is leaning on her now more than ever. 

Kate Middleton handles pressure very well

Kate first met Prince William when they were both students at a prestigious university. Prince William was focusing on his education, as well as on his future responsibilities as the heir to the throne, all while grappling with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana.

Still, he found great comfort in Kate, and the two became fast friends. Eventually, their friendship turned to romance, and he was able to pursue a real relationship with the charming young brunette.

When the press got wind of their romance, Kate didn’t cave to the pressures of tabloid journalism. Even when she and Prince William endured a brief breakup, Kate kept it classy, and before too long, they were back together.

Some worried that Kate, raised in an upper-class family, wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of fame as well as the immense responsibility that comes from being married to a member of the royal family. Still, she has proved the doubters wrong, and over the years, she has become one of the most popular members of the British royal family. 

Queen Elizabeth reportedly has great admiration for Kate Middleton

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Kate first met Queen Elizabeth when she and Prince William were dating, and over the years, the two royal women have formed a close bond. Queen Elizabeth reportedly has a very close relationship with Kate and is incredibly proud of the way that she and Prince William have been able to raise their family in the spotlight, all while avoiding major controversies with the press. 

While some reports state that it took a while before Kate and the queen was able to become truly close, sources close to the royals have stated that the two “love” spending time with each other. Furthermore, it is said that Queen Elizabeth “admires” Kate for the way that she has been able to always present herself with dignity and respect. 

Kate Middleton is able to give Queen Elizabeth peace of mind

These days, while the COVID-19 pandemic rages around the world, Queen Elizabeth is busier than ever. Not only does she have to juggle her work as a monarch with the responsibilities of family life, but she has to think to the future, of when she will no longer be around to rule the country that she loves so much.

Still, a recent report states that in the midst of everything going on, the monarch has been able to rely on Middleton to help her cope.

“Having Kate as her rock has made it so much easier for the queen to adapt to her new life at Windsor,” the source stated. “More than anything, knowing she can rely on Kate and Prince William to handle matters in her absence is the greatest comfort she could ask for. Her Majesty sees the Cambridges as the future of the monarchy and trusts Kate and William’s judgment implicitly.”

While the queen is in great health, there will come a time when Prince William will assume the throne — and it clearly gives the queen great relief to know that she can count not only on him but on Kate as well. 

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