Kate shares childhood memory that influences her own parenting

Kate Middleton: Royal experts praise her parenting skills

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Kate Middleton and Prince William share three lovely children, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four. The royal mum spoke to Giovanna Fletcher on Happy Mum Happy Baby about her own childhood and how it influenced the way she navigates her own young ones.

The Princess revealed on the podcast that she was “lucky” enough to have a “very happy childhood”, crediting her devoted parents.

She said that she had “great fun” at home, which may have been partly due to having two siblings of similar ages to her.

James Middleton is 35 years old, while Pippa Middleton is 39 years old. Kate is the oldest child at 40 years old.

Interestingly, Kate’s own young children are all growing up together around the same age, just like Kate and her siblings.

The Princess also credited her mum and dad, Michael and Carole Middleton. Kate previously worked for her mother’s company, Party Pieces.

She stated: “I’m very lucky I’ve come from a very strong family. My parents were hugely dedicated to us – myself and my siblings. I really appreciate now, as a parent, how much they sacrificed for us.

“They would come to every sports match, I was very keen on sport, they’d be the ones on the sidelines shouting. We’d always have our family holidays together.

“I think the things that resonate with me most are the simple things, and I think I see that even with my own children.”

She explained that life now is “so busy”, so she really celebrates finding joy in the small things with her own children.

Despite Kate and William most likely having access to some of the most incredible opportunities the world has to offer, the Princess revealed that some of the joys of parenting are very simple.

She revealed that “watching a fire on a really rainy day” is something she thoroughly enjoys doing with her little ones – “it provides such enjoyment”.

She recalled going for family walks, which is also something she tries to prioritise with George, Charlotte and Louis.

“It totally strips away all the complications, all the pressures, as a parent. I also think these experiences mean so much to children and the world that they’re in which is a real adventure for them at that age.”

Kate is a very hands-on parent and is heavily involved in all aspects of her children’s life, including getting ready for school.

She once revealed that there is a particular early morning task she struggles to do with Princess Charlotte. This is one that many mums and dads of small girls will be familiar with – plaiting hair.

During a visit to Cumbria in 2019, Kate remarked on a young girl’s braids, stating that she “loved” her plaits. She added that they were “so pretty”, but admitted that she faced some issues trying to teach Charlotte the skill.

She stated: “I tried to do a plait with Charlotte this morning, it didn’t really work very well.”

Earlier this year, in September, Kate spoke to a young boy who had managed to tie his tie himself. She revealed that she was in the process of teaching George the same life lesson.

The Princess stated: “Well done you. I’ve been teaching George because he has got to wear a tie now for school, so I’m having to teach him how to do it. But well done, you’ve done a good job with your tie. Nice to meet you.”

Prince William is also a very hands-on parent, and once told Time to Walk about a struggle he faces when taking George and Charlotte to school. He explained that there are “massive fights” in the car over which songs to listen to.

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