Katherine Heigl dreading telling black daughter, 8, about George Floyd

Katherine Heigl is agonizing over how to explain George Floyd’s death while in police custody to her black 8-year-old daughter, Adalaide.

“I can’t sleep,” the actress, 41, wrote on Sunday alongside several photos of Adalaide and her other two children.

“And when I do, I wake with a single thought in my head. How will I tell Adalaide? How will I explain the unexplainable? How can I protect her? How can I break a piece of her beautiful divine spirit to do so? I can’t sleep. I lay in my bed in the dark and weep for every mother of a beautiful divine black child who has to extinguish a piece of their beloved baby’s spirit to try to keep them alive in a country that has too many sleeping soundly.”

Heigl continued: “Now I weep. Because what should have changed by now, by then, forever ago still is. Hopelessness is seeping in. Fear that there is nothing I can do, like a slow moving poison, is spreading through me. Then I look at my daughters. My sister. My nephews and niece. George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. The hundreds, thousands millions more we haven’t even heard about. I look and the fear turns to something else. The sorrow warms and then bursts into flames of rage.”

The nation has erupted in protests following Floyd’s death at the hands of Minnesota police on May 25.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star and her husband, country singerJosh Kelley adopted daughter Naleigh from South Korea at 9 months old in 2009 and Adelaide at birth in 2012. Four years later Heigl gave birth to their son, Joshua.

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