Keep it classic: Winnipeg’s hottest holiday decor trends for 2018

Chances are that many of us want to – or will – decorate some part of our home with a holiday theme over the next couple of weeks.

But how do we do so in a tasteful way that matches our own personal style?

We turned to the experts at Shelmerdine Garden Centre to see where to start and to get the details on what’s hot this holiday season.

Whether your style is rustic or more modern, these holiday decorating tips will have you decking the halls in the way that suits you and your home best.

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Here are the top trimming tips from Krista Strang.

Go the ‘no waste’ route

Who wants to spend the money, time and effort decorating their house just to throw everything away when the holidays are over?

Strang suggests picking up a rosemary plant and adding it to your décor.

“Bring some greenery in that looks really festive and that you can keep all year.”

Don’t underestimate the basics 

Red and green truly are the colours of the season and the good news is that a little goes along way. A holiday classic that certainly adds a festive flare is the good, old fashioned poinsettia.

“They are really phenomenal, they are really lush.”

Shelmerdine’s start growing their poinsettias in July and care for over 15,000 of them.

Take a cue from the Grinch

A baby Cypress is the cutest little evergreen tree and it pulls double duty both looking and smelling great.

“The holidays are all about what your house smells like, it’s the whole atmosphere contributing to the holidays.”

Strang said that with just a little floral wire you can “grinchify” your tree for a cheeky touch.

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D-I-Y Decor

If you’re feeling up to it, you can also create your own decorative centerpieces and arrangements.

Strang said Shelmardine’s carries both live greens and artificial touches so you can pick and choose what you like best.

“Play around ’til you get the look you want and you’ve created something perfect for your holiday table.”

You can spend as little or as much as you’d like and you don’t have to be an expert, she says.

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To give your space a truly festive feel, pick up a wonderful smelling candle – Shelmerdine’s carries one called Thyme Frasier Fir that smells just like Christmas.

And if you’re heading to Shelmerdine’s don’t forget to check out this year’s Giving Tree Angel Ornament.

It’s a beautiful angel with a heart of gold and 100% of the proceeds are going to local charities including: Bear Clan Patrol, Never Alone Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, NorWest Coop Community Food Centre and House of Hessed.

Happy decorating!

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