Kevin Garrett Debuts Striking New Visual For ‘It Don’t Bother Me At All’ Inspired By A Past Relationship

Everyone took notice of Kevin Garrett’s songwriting skills on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album & now, he’s releasing his 1st full-length record! His new single, ‘It Don’t Bother Me At All’ is an instant standout & HL is EXCLUSIVELY premiering the video.

2019 is Kevin Garrett’s year. The singer-songwriter is not only making his late night television debut in a few short weeks, but he’s just released a brand new album! Hoax arrived at the stroke of midnight on March 22, and it’s a flawless display of Kevin’s vocal talent. The video for his latest single,  “It Don’t Bother Me At All,” is EXCLUSIVELY premiering with HollywoodLife.

“I wrote ‘Don’t Bother Me at All’ in New York at my old apartment in Brooklyn,” the 27-year-old singer says. “There was an experience for me personally earlier in my life I guess, not as a child, but one of my first relationships I guess, or so forth, where I was cheated on, and I had a friend at the time going through something similar. It was just in my head, that kind of feeling when you’re just constantly evaluating yourself or feeling worthless. You feel unseen, and all that,” he says of the track’s undeniably deep meaning.

The songwriter goes on to explain that the video for the stunning song has been a long time coming. “I wrote the song in 2012, so I’ve been living with the song for a long time, and I was even playing it live. So, when it came to the visual for it I wanted to sort of give the canvas to someone else, and that was a guy named Sam Hamad who directed the video, and actually wrote the whole thing,” Kevin reveals. “He and I talked a lot about how to articulate the message of the song, but all the while sort of giving a separate narrative for the visual itself, and that’s why I’m not actually in the video, because I wanted there to be no sort of distraction,” he adds.

Hoax is available on all streaming services now. While fans are sure to fall in love with all 13 tracks, “It Don’t Bother Me At All” proved to be the perfect single to serve as the first video. “I’m excited for all the songs on the record, but this one even in its sadness, and it’s sort of inherent misery, it feels hopeful. It feels like there’s some inner-voice just saying we’re gonna get through this even though it’s as sad as it is.”

Watch Kevin’s new video above, and be sure to catch his performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on April 3.

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