Khloe Kardashian Slams People For Cheating & Not ‘Apologizing’ Amid Tristan & Jordyn Scandal

Not so subtle! Khloe Kardashian dissed (unnamed) cheaters and liars who ‘got caught,’ just days after Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods allegedly made out.

The queen of cryptic messages wasn’t so ambiguous this time! Khloe Kardashian, 34, updated her Instagram Story with two quotes that hit a little bit too close to home on Feb. 28. “You ever notice people would rather stop speaking to you instead of apologizing when they’re wrong,” the first message read, followed by an even shadier one: “Remember: they cheated because they wanted to, they lied because they could, and now they’re sorry they got caught. It’s always about them. You did nothing to cause or deserve it.” Yikes and yikes. Nine days prior to sharing these adages, multiple reports (and one eyewitness account) claimed that Khloe’s (now ex) boyfriend and the father to her child, Tristan Thompson, 27, had allegedly cuddled and made out with her little sister’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, 21, at a house party on Feb. 17.

The quote about slacking on apologies comes after Tristan simply tweeted (and deleted) “FAKE NEWS” on the day reports of his alleged tryst with Jordan surfaced, with no update since. But Jordyn is planning on saying her sorry’s — in front of the whole world! Ahead of her Red Table Talk interview that will air on March 1, a Calabasas insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, “Jordyn will be telling her side of the story and give her excuses as to how and why it all happened with Tristan. It’s gonna be a calm interview, focused on certain points basically to make Jordyn look like the victim. She even cries in the interview. Jordyn will cry, say, ‘I’m sorry about everything’ and explain how she wants her friendships with all the Kardashians back.” We’ll see if Khloe will still have Chicken Soup-esque messages to share on her IG Story afterwards.

Given recent circumstances, Khloe’s Instagram Story hasn’t exactly been bursting with happy tidings. The Good American co-founder revealed she’s going through a “rough patch” by sharing a prayer, also on Thursday: “Dear God, I am going through a rough patch in my life right now, but I trust in you. Please help me unfold what you are trying to teach me in this storm. I believe that even in this storm, there is a powerful message that I can take to help strengthen me.”

The quote, combined with the two messages above, are the closest Khloe has come to speaking out on the alleged betrayal from Tristan and Jordyn! Mom Kris Jenner gave her and the sisters “strict instructions” to “save all the juicy emotions for their latest season of their TV show,” another source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. Season 16 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres on March 31!

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