Kimmel's Mean Tweets: Tom Holland Slings Back, Anne Hathaway's Burn and Regina King's Epic Flex

Jimmy Kimmel's other "Mean Tweets" targets include Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, Dakota Johnson, Timothée Chalamet, John Cena, Henry Winkler, Tracy Morgan and more!

Once again, it was time to see how thick celebrity skin is as Jimmy Kimmel unleashed his latest onslaught of “Mean Tweets” on Hollywood’s elite.

And as usual, they seemed to take the criticism in stride, or with a well-timed f-bomb, or even a perfectly timed lob back at the original sender. As for the burns themselves, they ranged from savagely vicious to you’ve got the wrong person to is this supposed to be an insult?

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Timothée Chalamet definitely got the weirdest one, which honestly doesn’t even qualify as a “Mean Tweet.” Instead, it was somebody’s attempt to be funny by referencing his work and then making a lame joke. Chalamet’s reaction said it all.

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It wasn’t even an originally structured joke, as there have been variations of this joke roaming the Internet for years, and even Colin Jost has used its basic structure on “Saturday Night Live” more than once.

“When Timothée Chalamet f—- a peach it’s ‘art’ but when I do it I’m ‘no longer welcome at my uncle’s farm,’ wrote the person. Is it weird we kind of felt bad for Chalamet that he didn’t get to play. Whowever picks out these tweets needs to do better.

For example, telling Danny McBride he “looks like what I expected Chunk from ‘The Goonies’ to grow up to look like” is just a perfectly framed “Mean Tweet.” The overly-specific reference evokes such a distinct image, you can’t even be mad about it.

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But it’s also important to get your specifics accurate, as when Tom Hanks was burned for his “sweaty” work in “Top Gun,” being called a “smelly little dwarf.” We loved that he decided to be offended anyway, saying he took the burns intended for Tom Cruise “personally.”

Meanwhile, Allison Janney was definitely fired up about being told she “looks like a substitute teacher everyone hates,” while Hannah Waddington took to song to being told she “just LOOKS insufferable.”

We adored John Cena’s bizarre response to being called a “talentless ball sack,” by responding that they actually hold a ton of talent because they “have half of the DNA to create human life.”

Regina King went with the silent response to being told she’s “too muscular” and she looks like she’s “liable to pull a d— out.” She simply flexed aforementioned muscle before dropping the finger.

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Speaking of — ahem — Kevin Hart has probably heard every short joke in existence, but credit where it’s due, his mean tweeter came up with an insult paired with a disturbing image by saying, “Shaq’s penis is Kevin Hart.” Even the burn was short and succinct, but Hart countered it flawlessly, “Well, then he’s got a talented one.”

As for Tom Holland, he’s got the perfect comeback lined up for the rest of his life, no matter the insult. His insult was simple enough, with him reading that “Tom Holland is an absolute wanker.” His response? “He’s also Spider-Man.”

Perhaps the weirdest insult was for Anne Hathaway, with hers reading that the person bets she “has a weird vagina.” “Well, you’ll never know,” she countered, name-dropping the tweeter.

You can check out all the burns, including additional reactions from Ted Danson, Dakota Johnson, Tracy Morgan, Richard Jenkins and Patton Oswalt, who took inspiration from his comparison.

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