Kind strangers chip in to make sure kids don’t go without presents at Christmas

As part of the country have gone into lockdown, many have been worrying about getting presents for their children.

So to stop kids from going without this Christmas, kind strangers have been doing their bit to help.

Cardiff-based sales director and dad-of-three Liam Schewitz set up a dedicated Facebook page called Covid Christmas gift donations on Saturday.

After the Welsh government closed non-essential shops, he helped people create Amazon wish lists.

This allows members of the public to donate to get the wish lists fulfilled.

By Sunday evening the group had 1,600 members with presents organised for 21 households and more than 200 gifts bought.

Liam said some parents were waiting until pay day to buy Christmas presents for their children.

He told WalesOnline : "Parents are getting paid on December 23 and no shops are open. People have been living month to month.

“The inescapable truth is that children would wake up on Christmas Day without presents because the shops are shut.

“When I was a kid we had the miners Christmas party so every kid whose dad worked underground got a gift. We have nothing like that these days. Ruining kids' childhoods isn’t on."

The stand-up comedian, who was up until 3am on Sunday helping to organise the group, said he had been moved to tears by people's stories and those willing to help.

He added: "Some of the stories I’ve been told by those asking for help have been harrowing and far too often today I’ve been moved to tears.

"To see people falling over themselves to help without questioning the people in need has been amazing and shows that our governments in no way reflect our communities."

"Losses of jobs, bereavements, ill health, being in a desperate state financially. I’ve had people tell me that they had everything ready to go on pay day on the 23rd and they have been frightened of the outcome of these new measures."

One of those at her wit's end on Saturday night was 31-year-old Alisha Harriss from Bridgend. The mother-of -three said she was waiting until she was paid on Tuesday and cried herself to sleep.

But on waking up on Sunday Alisha knew that many of the positive messages sent to her the night before would not just help her but many other families who are struggling.

Alisha and her friend Samantha Dent set up Facebook group Unwanted Christmas Gifts to Help Others and have been inundated with XBoxes, Nintendo DS, PlayStations, other toys and handmade gifts from local businesses.

Alisha, who is expecting her fourth child, said: "Loads of people were messaging me for help. And I thought if there's that many people out there willing to help I'll set up a group.

"I'm trying to do it as fairly as I can. People are going up their attics to get stuff down. I thought it would just be a couple of people doing stuff for each other.

"Everyone who has donated has given a family that extra help at such a hard time and put hope back into a very sad year."

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Samantha said: "Alisha rang me with a great idea about setting up a page for the people who are genuinely struggling this Christmas due to the lockdown being moved forward.

"We have reached 1,800 members in less than 12 hours. I’m so overwhelmed with the amount of kind and generous people we have coming forward with all these lovely gifts. No child or family should go without."

Alisha and Samantha have also organised a raffle for people to win the consoles so that the donated XBoxes and Playstations are given out fairly.

Hats off to these kind Brits who are bringing some light during this difficult time!

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