King Charles makes ‘exception’ to no PDA rule with key royal

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King Charles is not one for public displays of affection, according to body language expert Judi James. However, there are two exceptions to this rule. Judi spoke to about the King’s close relationship with niece Zara Tindall.

Judi stated: “Charles’ body language in public tends to see him avoiding any PDAs but with two telling exceptions.

Aside from the young Prince Louis, who “treats Charles just like any other grandpa”, the King has a soft spot for one other royal.

Judi continued: “Zara Tindall has always been relaxed and hugely demonstrative with uncle Charles in public and Charles clearly adores being on the receiving end of her hugs and very affectionate displays.”

And according to the expert Zara is one royal who “brings out some of the best body language in Charles”.

The pair are often pictured in a sweet embrace or the King is snapped laughing at one of his niece’s jokes.

With her he is not reluctant to partake in the familial banter and physical contact we might not typically expect of him.

The King is evidently close to Zara’s mum – and his sister – Princess Anne, which may facilitate this friendship further.

But it seems like Zara is not just popular with the King, with the royal scoring major friendship points across the whole Royal Family.

Judi told that while Kate lost something of a “partner in crime” when Harry moved to the States, she found a “form of relationship replacement” in the Tindalls.

“Kate’s body language with Zara is relaxed and tactile and her open-mouthed smiles of delight and shared humour when she meets up with her at royal events suggests strong friendship behind the scenes.”

Just like Charles and Zara, Kate and Zara have also be papped several times laughing and joking with one another.

Judi even noted that at Kate’s carol concert back in December, the royals shared a style twin moment.

The expert stated: “The couple turned up in the team colours for Kate’s carol concert in December, with Zara wearing the matching shade of burgundy.”

Judi continued: “The body language between Kate and the Tindalls suggests she has found a form of relationship replacement from this almost filter-free couple who seem, as Harry once did, to epitomise playful fun.

“Their children are clearly good friends, which would always reflect long periods of time spent together by the parents, along with Peter Philip’s girls, and Kate’s insistence on her children being allowed to play and have fun whenever possible at even the most public royal events, like Louis’s playfulness at the Jubilee, suggests some influence from the Tindalls, who seem to balance fun with the kind of royal decorum that is needed now and again.”

Prince William has also found friendship in fellow royal parents Zara and Mike, according to the expert.

She said: “William has always seemed to be at his most relaxed when he spends family time at the Middleton’s and now the Tindalls seem to be supplying similar levels of family support.”

Judi suggested that the Wales’ love for the Tindalls could be influenced by the endorsement of one exceptional royal.

“Zara and Mike were just as tactile, relaxed and fun with the Queen as they are with everyone else and the Queen clearly adored them both.”

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