Kseniya Simonova: 5 Things To Know About The Stunning Sand Artist On ‘AGT: The Champions’

Kseniya Simonova captivated us all with her amazing sand act on ‘AGT: The Champions.’ Who is this talented woman? Here are 5 key things you need to know about her!

Who is Kseniya Simonova? That’s what everyone is asking after she performed on AGT: The Champions. Kseniya, 33, has taken AGT by storm and is looking to be crowned the show’s next champion. She definitely has what it takes! Check out these 5 facts about Kseniya before she performs in the finals!

1. Kseniya is a sand artist. The gorgeous Ukrainian artist tells beautiful stories through sand animation. Kseniya is also a renowned graphic artist, illustrator, and director. She is one of the most unique artists America’s Got Talent has ever seen!

2. Kseniya got Terry Crews’s Golden Buzzer. She performed during week 5 of AGT: The Champions and wowed the judges. Host Terry Crews was so impressed with Kseniya’s breathtaking performance that he gave her his Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the finals!

3. She won Ukraine’s Got TalentKseniya won the reality competition in 2009. She was rewarded 100,000 euro and became an instant online sensation. Her career has only taken off since then.

4. She’s been invited to perform for a number of royal figures. Following her Ukraine’s Got Talent win, she has been invited to show her art before the Royal Family of Great Britain, the Royal Family of Thailand, the Royal Family of Morocco, the Queen of Denmark, and more, according to her official website. She has performed in over 70 countries. Everyone wants to see Kseniya perform!

5. Many of her YouTube videos have millions of views. Kseniya has uploaded a number of her performances to her YouTube page. Her “Beautiful Morocco” sand art video has over 2.4 million views. Her Golden Buzzer performance has 4.2 million views and counting!

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