Kyle Richards ‘Sad’ Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump Has Ended As ‘RHOBH’ Cast Mocks Ken Todd

Despite the rift in their friendship, Kyle Richards feels upset that she & Lisa Vanderpump are on the rocks, a source told HL EXCLUSIVELY.

Although Kyle Richards and several other stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have taken to Instagram to mock Lisa Vanderpump‘s husband Ken Todd for yelling “Goodbye, Kyle!” during the Apr. 3 episode, Kyle was still hurt while watching the drama unfold on TV. While Lisa is insulted that Kyle has been making fun of Ken, a source close to Kyle told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “Kyle is honestly very sad that her friendship with Lisa has ended and even all these months later, it did hurt to watch due to their history. But Kyle, along with her cast members who have her back, felt Lisa and Ken were completely out of line for the way they spoke to her and are not being truthful, hence why they’re all making the videos. They have no plans to stop and just want Lisa to tell the truth like they feel they are.”

“The ladies of RHOBH have been waiting for last week’s episode of the show where Ken yells at Kyle for month to be shown because they feel fans can now fairly decide if Lisa had any involvement in the entire Puppygate drama,” our source added. When it comes down it, they still believe that Lisa was responsible for orchestrating Puppygate. “They still firmly believe she was the mastermind behind it, though Lisa completely denies any involvement,” our source added. “Several of the ladies claim there are still text messages that they haven’t been able to share, which of course for them is frustrating.”

Ken delivered his iconic “Goodbye, Kyle” after Kyle confronted Lisa in her home about whether she gave the “Puppygate” story to Radar Online. Lisa denied doing so, and before storming out of the room, she said, “I think I’ve taken enough crap from Kyle Richards.” After this, Ken entered and told Kyle to leave with the phrase that’s not gone viral.

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