Kylie Jenner Is Launching Brow Products, and the Name Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

Remember when all Kylie Cosmetics consisted of was matte Lip Kits? Times and bank accounts have seriously changed. The brand (which is now valued at $900 billion, by the way) pretty much covers every product category. And today, Kylie Jenner announced she’s expanding Kylie Cosmetics’ offering once again with an entire collection of eyebrow products. Or, um, Kybrow products. 

NEW PRODUCT ALERT ?? A full Kybrow Collection is coming to in exactly a week!! #Kybrow 4/29

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The celebrity made the announcement on her brand’s Instagram page with a video of her face, which, of course, gave her perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows center stage. According to the post’s caption, a “full Kybrow Collection” will make its debut on on April 29. 

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Unfortunately, Jenner didn’t share what products would be included in this new launch, but based on current brow trends, we predict fans will see traditional pencils, tinted brow gels, and brow powder compacts — hopefully all in a wide variety of shades. 

This launch is also a long time coming. It could be said that Kylie Jenner was one of the most influential figures behind the “Instagram Brow” trend that took over the Internet. However, brow trends have veered more into the natural, “feathered” category in the recent past, so it’ll be interesting to see what type of looks Jenner’s products will create. 

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Knowing Kylie Jenner, there will be more clues on the actual products, along with an update on the exact timing of when they hit 

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